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  1. Perfect suggestion! They delivered quickly - $100 for 2 sheaves, but better than original and better than searching another couple of months to save a few $$$.
  2. ZephyrWerks made exactly what I needed and had it delivered in 4 days - from Port Townsend, WA to South Carolina! Fit perfectly. Better than original.
  3. I have a Laser 28 - bought new halyards and discovered that my pulleys are cracked and in pretty awful condition. Having a heck of a time finding a replacement source - anyone have a favorite supplier? I found a pair of Ronstan plastic pulleys on Amazon that matched diameter but they are too thick to fit in the mast, machining them down doesn’t appear to be an option. 2 5/16 outer diameter 3/8 center hole 9/16 width
  4. Ordered an anode for my Bukh DV8 / DV10 sail drive from Boatzincs.com - the one arrived is apparently one that fits all the bigger sail drives, but not my little DV8/10. Anyone have an idea where to get these Saildrive parts in the USA? found paperwork where the previous owner sourced them from New Zealand of all places. would think I could mine the zinc, make a mold and cast my own for what he paid - but maybe not. Anyone got advice? Thanks
  5. Well, if you are ever in the Upstate of SC- let’s go sailing on mine!
  6. Thanks- I had joined that one - but relatively inactive group compared to here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Of course I’m a new, enthusiastic owner. They’ve probably gotten bored with theirs that they’ve owned 30 years.
  7. Any Laser 28 owners on SA? I’m a brand new Laser 28 owner and I’m sure I’ll need advice along the way. Looking for connections, tuning tips, polars, etc
  8. Well that one is apparently gone :-(
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