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  1. Sydney to Auckland, Brisbane to Gladstone, Next years Brisbane to Keppel, Maybe (big maybe) S2H next year
  2. You read it right, We are looking at a 1250 mile short handed race plus maybe a 650 mile race and a few 300+ mile races - all short handed
  3. Thank you jack_sparrow, i greatly appreciate your input
  4. Not sure, have not bought this yet, doing so shortly. All other advice I have had is under deck
  5. Tiller won't work, I agree. We must have reliability and I have been advised best way is below deck, looking at a Hobrt short handed and then a trip across the Tasman in the Sydney to Auckland race
  6. Thank you, I appreciate your comments. Tried a tiller connection on a TP 52 delivering it after a Hobart with a vastly reduced crew, it was useless in anything over 12 knots. Used a B&G on a Beneteau 40.7 and that was sorta ok
  7. Thanks mate 1. B & G 3 Tiller 4 A professional 5 24v 6 Race and deliver 7 No
  8. Yes I did search and yes there were a lot of responses, if it is boring to you then don't waste my time responding, not boring to me
  9. Love the pic, sadly a few to many for double handed
  10. What positive experiences have people had with autopilots ocean racing and what do people recommend. Likely for an 1D35.
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