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  1. And my point is just that the immigrant issue is by definition one rooted in politics. It doesn't matter how you or I feel about the issue. The migration of people, and the reactions of governments, are what create these human crises. It's a political situation by definition. At least IMO. On an individual basis if you were in the situation, ^^ KI Sailor pretty well sums it up. That and the points made here that, in the case of overloaded vessels, you potentially put both the refugees and yourself at risk by approaching.
  2. I call bullshit: The post that you originally made here has a lot of political implications. You can't chastise people for discussing this issue in its entirety, which is firmly based in economics, which happens to be firmly related to "politics." In fact, I think that if FKT hadn't put his lead sentence in his post, he would not have gotten a reaction from you. If you post a thread about domestic violence, but demand that people not talk about wife-beating, you've only set a trap whereby you can excoriate people for breaking your rules.
  3. Maybe Rock The Casbah charted highest because it was their best. Damn that was a good party song! Erik may be about to bring us his best. He's done some beautifully shot stuff (although cold and alone is not my cup of tea).
  4. WP, I'm kind of like you. I miss the bells and would like to get the Chelsea working again. Also have an old pendulum clock that I'd like to see working again. Funny that half here say go with technology and forget the antiquated clockworks. The other half want to shame me for being cheap because I don't want to send it on an open ticket to the manufacturer. But the fact is that while my clock may cost $2800 new, it's worth $500-800 used on eBay. I'm betting that repairs and freight to/from Chelsea will be $500 in the end. Is that necessary, or can a clock repair person near me handle t
  5. Aw come on, 'shark, who wants to suffer in the cold, stormy high latitudes?
  6. Also not a fan of violent movies. I'll tolerate some violence to see a good overall movie, but have avoided things like Saving Private Ryan because I just don't need to see that shit. Count myself lucky for not having to have engaged in war. (My wife has a lower tolerance for violence on film than I do.) Did my share of hunting in younger years, and still catch & clean fish. That's all the blood and guts I need to see. I cracked on the gal in the childbirth video because 1) it was just another plain attempt to up the ante at clickbait. And 2) is that really a good position to deliver
  7. "The ship will load and offload its cargo, recharge its batteries and also navigate without human involvement. Sensors will be able to quickly detect and understand objects like kayaks in the water so the ship can decide what action to take to avoid hitting anything, Braaten said." Oh joy. we are going to be transiting ports with huge drone ships. Progress!
  8. We have a diver who does a great job on local boats. He simply charges by the hour. Seems like the best way, since he often encounters different levels of fouling, depending on time of year and other variables.
  9. My Chelsea ship's clock stopped working some time ago. I used to have it mounted on my office wall, and when it stopped I didn't bother to get it fixed. Now I'd like to put it in my new-old boat, which already has a barometer of similar style. Googling around, the Chelsea company does repairs but they take 12-16 weeks, and there are references saying that their work is overly expensive. There are other repair shops stating that they work on Chelsea clocks. Has anyone had good experience getting these clocks repaired in the eastern US, and if so where? Thanks, IH
  10. And the entire time she was able to clock her vitals on her iWatch. Just look what modern tech has done for us.
  11. Not sure...looking at the diagram, there may be an access panel there where the filters are. I agree that this is a key question though! I have a D2 55. You need to be able to have access to that side to change the oil and fuel filters. So far I like my D2 55. Yes it is mounted in reverse in the engine room. But it runs like a top, and I can access the "front" of the engine (belt, alternator) by lying on an old cushion placed on top of the engine.
  12. That'd be nice to watch as a YT...and would give North Sails a multiplier in terms of promo.
  13. Somebody here recommended this stuff, which I've been using with success. I keep it and a rag along with boat tools in an open tool bag. But spray it in ventilated spaces...definitely not fun to breathe.
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