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  1. If you are ever blessed with the opportunity to have your boat within a few minutes' walk or drive, you'll never want it any other way again. I grew up with that luxury, just inside the mouth of the Chesapeake, where I spent all my time on the water. By the time I was an adult, the place had exploded with growth and there was no way I'd ever afford what turned into McMansionville. I was able to replicate that opportunity for my own kids by locating in NC, 2.5 hours south of where I grew up. While I'm sure the wife and I would enjoy more-urban living had we chosen that path, we are really
  2. My favorite sunglasses (don't even remember the brand) recently fell off my head and went Plop! into the water. I wore them for years, sailing and cycling. So I am in need of a good pair. They don't have to be a primo brand - just something that fits a big head, provides clear vision with good protection, and makes an old guy look cool. Any suggestions?
  3. Update on available local slips - it appears that another just opened up
  4. What about rust spots on aluminum rail? Mine is showing a couple of rust spots at stanchion bases. Bartenders Friend powder for that?
  5. Plenty of slips available here in our relatively small-town region on the east coast. But I will note that there are more boats out on the water - sailboats and stinkpots - than probably anytime in the past decade and maybe longer. Up until Covid, around here we were complaining about how fewer and fewer boats were on the water than in the 1980s. Roughly the same number of boats were in the slips, but the number of boats out on weekends was maybe half that of 30 years ago. We wrote it off to people's addiction to the internet, and the increasingly full schedules of parents with their kids
  6. Pointing out the flaws of a man's boat is almost like commenting on his woman's looks.
  7. At 16 I got an after-school job at a clothing store. I quickly learned how to mark up pants and suits for alternations. Before long I was the go-to alterations kid for girls coming into the store who wanted their corduroy Levis custom-fit. Dream job.
  8. With a build like that, yer mind's eye blocks out the Sean Penn-lookin' goof and the kid
  9. Beautiful pic, but how do you tie up without pilings? Forecast here this weekend is sunny, a bit chilly with not much wind. It's a boat-cleaning and odd-job kind of weekend, with a radio playing and maybe a beer in there along the way.
  10. Yes, I'll not deny that...on and on from that bit of yellow strap
  11. I think this question is really important given your budget. You could spend $$$/weeks moving it from one region to another.
  12. Okay, I have a submission for Worst Sailing Vlog Ever. Bobby's Doodles vlog is tacky, but even tacky can be fun sometimes, as if we are in on the joke. But these two...they're just gauche. And they don't know it, which makes it even more painful.
  13. Before buying real estate in Hampton or Norfolk study the subsidence in the region. Over an inch a year and some places more than others. Not a reason to avoid Tidewater Virginia, but a reason to pick and choose where to locate there.
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