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  1. IMO lobster is the best butter-delivery food ever. But I understand how living with "lobster everywhere" would make it seem a lot less special.
  2. From the time I was born, I've been on fish docks and boats all over. Love your photos and your ties to the boats and the land there. So it's surprising to learn you live there and don't love a nice Homarus from claws to tail. We were born to enjoy them!
  3. ^That. I thought "Shit I wouldn't do that, or not for more than 30 seconds, just to say I did it" when he was swimming and diving under the boat mid-ocean. Plus as others mentioned there is no man bun, and the oscillating between brilliance and slapdash keep it interesting. He may be a bit closer to Rain Man than the rest of us, but he isn't trying to impress the audience, which is refreshing.
  4. I think you would probably find that a number of the global lone sailors may be a bit the same. Likely a "spectrum" personality of some kind. But who needs to put a label on it? As my mother used to say, "Isn't it good that we're all different?"
  5. Yes, the man still has aspirations. Saw this in comments on YT Sailing Uma
  6. as a right-coaster, expected this thread to be about
  7. You two get a room. I want to see some photos of Popeil's boats.
  8. New video is classic Sam Holmes - off the beaten path in the Azores
  9. If I remember the article correctly, he was headed for the northeast, and ended up 30 miles south.
  10. ^^This. Most of us have lived those private moments years ago. The idea of making such a momentous private moment public - is just tackier than a gender reveal party.
  11. maybe the worst look-at-me/panhandling video ever in Vagabond history...IMHO
  12. Awesome - thanks! Now, hopefully this boat will pass its survey, I'll no longer be boatless, and in that first phase of new-toy-tinkering I can resurrect the TankTender.
  13. I have a contract on a boat that has a tank tender system on it. Owner states that it hasn't worked while he's owned the boat; he believes that it needs new hard plastic lines run to the tanks. Is that the likely issue if a system doesn't work? (Fuel and holding tanks are easily monitored without the tank tender, which is why he didn't fix it, but since it's there I'd want it working.)
  14. Don't forget Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, and the Beverly Hillbillies. And for drama, how about Sea Hunt? That show had a bubble sound track like the sitcoms had a laugh track. Elly May by the "ceement pond" was hard to beat. But Mary Anne still reins supreme!
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