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  1. Yep, that is more than it sold for when it left Brisbane and headed to Sydney, quite a bit more. Still a great boat, beautifully maintained by Paul for many years.
  2. It actually a contraction of Mathematics so when civilised people shorten it they leave the S at the end.
  3. Why dont you start the ball rolling putting your name and contact details in you forum signature.
  4. Matt Allen and Barry Cuneo must be related to each other
  5. And first boat in (and only boat in) is REX, 16 hours 47 minutes, well done
  6. And The first boat was there in 16 hours 47 minutes, the Trimaran REX. And the first mono, well that is to be determined, no mono has finished yet, Race tracker is suggesting first to finish will be Maratimo with an elapsed time of 25 hours.
  7. Well, liove stream of one of the races, they are a bit boat bigotted here in Qld
  8. Mono Tracker here https://www.brisbanetogladstone.com/yellow-brick-yacht-tracking/
  9. Looking at the forecast it will be fast. So much so that the first multis should be there in 14-15 hours. And first mono in 16. Multihull Tracker - http://www.mycq.org.au/racing/b2g/tracker Monohull race tracker is ot readily identifiable, I cant find it, perhaps someone who has it can list it here
  10. Just part of the Biosecurity Act, I was the instructing officer for some components with the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel.
  11. Read it - I wrote some of it! The power of the Federal Government is international borders only, not state borders.
  12. Just a thought, before you comment on Federal Government in Australia, read the fucking Constitution, particularly sect 51, the Federal Government has very little legislative power in the area of education, health, transport, business operations.
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