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  1. You seem to misunderstand my point. I know the 'current' class rules prohibit foils. However as we have seen with many classes, rules change as a result of modernisation of boats. I think its a matter of time before they change the F18 class rules. As for F18 boat builders, I was commenting on the decreased number of boatbuilders. Thanks for the list of F18s, however, I have been racing against F18s for the last couple of years...
  2. So you’re saying that this is the place for America’s cup news and that there are no channels?
  3. I am huge America's Cup fan and love keeping up with the teams. However, unlike other sports such as Formula 1, I've not found many (if any) youtube channels dedicated to commenting and reviewing the race, technology, sailors, boat design etc. Now I know that CNN has Mainsail which covers a lot of America's cup news however this is more formal than most youtube videos. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good channels dedicated to America's Cup sailing.
  4. The A-cat truly wins in terms of ease of use. It's crazy to see how much design has changed since the 80s. I guess we have to thank the America's cup for that...
  5. For a second I thought the nacra was a flying phantom. Truly the best F18 out there to this day. I hope someday they manage to revive it.
  6. I think its great that they haven't gone all out carbon fibre with foils and all. It keeps the boat accessible to all avid sailors and doesn't turn it into an America's Cup boat. We need more boatbuilders to build f18s because at the moment we only have a handful of players. Looking forward to seeing the boat in person
  7. Hi thanks for the advice zonker. If I understand correctly, you are saying I should sand around the cracked area, then fill in the crack (the crack hasn’t gone all the way through yet). What would you fill such a crack with? Epoxy? For the cosmetic repairs, I should sand down the existing surface and then add another layer of carbon fiber and finish it with epoxy?
  8. The right tiller of my a-cat has gotten partially broken. It’s not to the point where I can’t sail with it, however I would rather repair it rather than risk breaking the boat more. As a secondary point, I can see a lot of “DIY repairs” which aren’t pleasing to the eye (although they are structurally sound). my priority is repairing the crack. If anyone has a step by step guide or any advice on how to repair it, that would be greatly appreciated. secondly, how would I make the carbon fiber look good again?
  9. Hey maybe could you restructure your question? Are you asking what has changed?
  10. I’ve just bought myself an a class catamaran. It’s my first boat so I‘ve not got much experience doing maintenance. I was talking to a friend who told me that a protective layer needs to be applied on the mast to protect it from UV rays. I was wondering what it is I need to apply and secondly what the process is. If anyone has any videos or links that would be much appreciated
  11. POLTV I looked at the Ablinger website and couldn't find the a cat trailer? I would love to see pictures. Also would you mind telling me how much it costs?
  12. Thank you Lars. Do you have a harbeck trailer? It would be useful if there were any pictures of how the boat went on it. Thank you
  13. What's CLC? I just need the trailer to bring my boat to regattas.
  14. Can anyone advise me on the best trailer for an a cat? If anyone knows of any swiss companies that would be great!
  15. Yeah I have both biking and skiing helmets however The skiing has a thick layer of insulation and I thought it would be uncomfortable once water got inside. The kayak shop is a good recommendation. Does anyone have any experience with Forward wip helmets? Would you recommend it?
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