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  1. Slug, Thanks for the tip on the rudder post and bearings. I'll be sure to have the surveyor pull the rudder and check. She has a tiller, not a wheel so this should be relatively easy.
  2. Anybody out there know anything about the X-119 built by X-Yachts in Denmark? I'm thinking of buying one. I've heard that they have a welded steel frame bonded into the hull to handle keel loads. I'm worried that on a 30 year old boat there will be corrosion problems. Any info would be welcome
  3. D'ranger, the boat I'm considering is in Seabrook. Is this the boat you're talking about?
  4. Parma, I've looked for that thread and can't find it. Can you point me to the right place? Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the input. I’ll be sure that the surveyor checks for these problems
  6. The fact that CM’s reputation isn’t great is reflected in the boats price which means I can afford it. Peeling gel coat and other obvious problems don’t worry me because they’ll be caught in the pre purchase survey. Is anyone aware of issues that are hard to spot?
  7. Anybody out there know anything about the Frers 41 built by Carroll Marine? I'm considering buying one. My biggest concern is structural integrity of the hull and deck. I've heard that CM had some qualiity issues on some of their boats. Would these problems be picked up in a pre purchase survey? Or in other words, if the boat passes survey is it OK? Any input would be welcome.
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