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  1. Just attended an event in regional NZ. 35 dinghies over two classes $20 for six races over 2 days.
  2. Probably the one that looks like he’s got a bubble in his cheek!
  3. Lazy cunt can’t even carry his own bag
  4. The good news is there are now some vacancies at Tennis Australia. Rumoured that AS CEO is going to TA with GRS tagging along as new rules and visa expert. TA will be introducing ballpass whereby if you attend a game of tennis you will be required to join a tennis club. You get a set of Dunlop volleys if you join a Royal tennis club.
  5. It’s a problem when so many race officials have no idea how HF radio frequencies work and mandate bad practices
  6. That’s partially because they don’t have a prescription to RRS 46 and partially because Aunty Cinda won’t let them out
  7. Watched the live feed, reckon the Government lawyer fucked up - he should have just said that the Minister cancelled the Visa because Novax is a cunt - even his own lawyer couldn’t have disagreed on that point.
  8. That’s precisely why I don’t watch CNN.
  9. They get paid by the word, hence the frequent ‘I’ve got that somewhere here in my notes” or ‘I can’t quite find that right now!”
  10. Much the same way the fear-mongering about the 1919 Spanish Flu, Rubella or Polio needed to be toned down?
  11. You mean like ‘Make Novak great again’ or ‘Make tennis great again’? Give it a rest!
  12. Don't tell everyone - it's the peace and tranquility that make it so special
  13. The IJ course teaches that the word ‘shall’ is obligatory as used in the RRS.
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