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  1. Are these not going to fizz away with stainless steel fastenings and salt water?
  2. Y10 - don’t know if you can get it in the States
  3. Yep Prism Rose and Prism High Pink are absolutely brilliant for skiing
  4. Looking to replace some prescription lenses in my Oakley frames, the old lens color has been discontinued. Does anyone have a view on the best lens color for dinghy racing to help spot wind on water?
  5. No excuse for not emptying a locker, though might draw the line and removing dinghies that have been shoehorned into lockers. Can always offer to revisit after the lockers have been opened up. You can see quite a lot with a camera poked around corners, under boards or under the cockpit sole. I can’t remember the set up on the Catalina, the only one that I looked at on the other side of the pond required a major keel area rebuild which was extremely light, but acetal bearings can tighten up.
  6. Actually I got to be in the cockpit with Ben many moons ago in a demo event match racing against Ian Percy and Shirley Robertson in the Sunsail France 1 and France 2 AC class boats. My input was solely counting down the starts, but I found him to be charming and a good people person. Although a laid back event he was totally focussed from the warning signal and as soon as we finished he was up on deck (yep I was handed the helm) while he patted all the crew on the back. My abiding memory was that we were briefed by Sunsail not to go within a boat length of the other boat, but in a dial
  7. I guess American Magic might have performed better with some support from US Postal
  8. In Autoship I would probably have a surface running aft to the station in way of the aft keel root, and then another surface from that station running through to the transom.
  9. Probably has more in common with a downhaul on a camber induced sail, induces mast bend, opens up the upper leech
  10. Have we determined what the inner wheel is for ... didn’t see BA adjusting it during the racing
  11. This is a good sign tbh on the basis of all of the puffed up articles of previous challenges that ended with dismal failure, Magnus’ rantings might be just the kick that the frackers needed
  12. Can’t see the problem with billionaires throwing money at the AC ... they always have, at least some of this money will trickle down to the sailors, industry and local facilities. The main disappointment to me is the lack of media coverage which might have raised the profile of the sport, and perhaps would have inspired a few youngsters by presenting the top of the pyramid.
  13. If I were AT I think I would accept Neal MacDonalds call an the structures, not many Naval Architects who have as much practical experience ... having said that a lot will depend on the prep, and as has been said, where is the next weak point?
  14. Dyneema led around the front of the mast and looped over the gooseneck is a tidy solution for attaching lowers. However you need a lot of tension and purchases to control mast bend, and the compression may be an issue for a boat that was never intended to have them.
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