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  1. I agree that it's the sexiest looking boat out there at the moment. That's on the ragged edge right there for a cruising boat. Which way was out again, down, up, let out, crikey that hull flying is better suited for tris
  2. 100% agree. It's our go to spot. I find the steering fine if the quadrants and sheaves are setup correctly. Next boat has pre-stretched dyneema for cable.
  3. Iron Wing is now Emotional Rescue and will be moored off Jamestown this summer. Owner is outta Connecticut and has a fair bit of racing experience. Not sure he's on SA, but he's a good guy. I helped him bring it down the New River and jumped off when he got fuel. The gulfstream is always weird north of Bermuda. Not sure why, but always bumpy. That's good cruising speed for two folks. Over 200 mile days is good going. Agreed with Maine, a lot of dang lobster pots and water is damn cold. Welcome back to the US.
  4. Good boat. Our 57 is sold. Currently there is a dearth of truly good boats in the 45-65 ft range. Balance is 3 years out on production and everyone is busy as stink. The other thing to note is that material costs have dramatically risen. This will raise the price of new boats if this is not already the case. Iron Wing just got sold to another good sailor and is moving north as I type.
  5. Not sure I agree with that in the ocean. Now you have to take that compost and 'dispose' of it somewhere. That requires energy of some kind as well as more 'stuff' to enable the compost. Why not just let the ocean do it's thing with it. Pee is sterile. Poop is actually food to other species. In the ocean don't underestimate dilution. I really, really care and I'm an ocean pooper
  6. In the ocean where all the fish poop. It's where I poop too when on the boat. Pooping in the ocean ain't a bad thing. An excellent waterman and yes the vessel choice is not the most practical, but that's his choice, as well as the venue for his next 'adventure'. Unassisted has been his mantra for a long time. Rather than look at it negatively I choose to look at the positive aspects of his journey and his message and hope that he inspires change in others.
  7. Chris is a friend. There is a method to his madness. The foils are to provide some lift, not foil. He paddled to Antigua sans help whilst out in the ocean. I can tell you he's a frigging athlete of note. He's also won Mavericks. One thing I can tell you, he truly cares about the well being of the ocean.
  8. I spent some time with Bill in a marina many moons ago. Know Bilzo who helped build that boat. That was a very good yard at that time. Route 66 is seriously fast, doubt that any Swans could keep up.
  9. Believe it or not, there are some informed keyboard warriors on here and they can disseminate through the bs. Discussing boats is fantastic if it's done with decorum and truthfulness. If you all did not think that was valid you would not have engaged the vagabond crew. Not throwing shade, but Riley has one funky haircut!!! I think that today's multihulls are getting better and better. What is the pounds per inch immersion on the rapido 60? The videos of her hauling the mail are seriously impressive.
  10. Spoke to the wife about this last night. Going around the world in this boat would be hella fun.
  11. I'll answer for Soma. Sailing in it's purest form is awesome. To push a boat to it's limits and get 'x' miles per day requires a boat designed and built for that. Not many are. Outremer, especially Soma's boat, is a great, great boat that sails very well. Give Soma the same boat, but tougher/stronger and most importantly lighter and stronger, and he will take it to the edge and then some. That's the nirvana he's searching for. Shockwave is that boat. His wife I guarantee has already poo pooed that idea........go M!!!
  12. No problem, she's all white now. Pretty!!
  13. She's just got repainted and is sitting at the ACC yard in Bristol. Saw her about two weeks ago. She's a great boat (going up for sale I believe) and has nice liveaboard space for a couple. In the open ocean, shockwave is what I would want.
  14. About 15k here in the US for a 57ft cat.
  15. Some serious name dropping there!!! Shockwave is definitely a sexy boat. If it was me and the wife only, that's what I would sail, with a yellow wrap of course :-) Where do you get her hauled?
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