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  1. not a boat for world cruising. nothing on that boat layout spells simplicity. no solar either........ nothing on that boat makes me go wow, just the opposite.
  2. Sail in warmer climates helps with the cold. A boat means being on the water. When I see water I like to swim. It's definitely harder if you're based in colder climates. I would not own a 40ft + catamaran unless I planned on living on it for at least 6 months outta the year. They're not easy things to maintain. Charter at least 4-8 weeks prior to owning. You'll start to get an assemblance of what features you like. Some folks like aft helms, so folks prefer to motor sail, some prefer marinas, there are many points to ponder. The sailing part is easy. Boat manag
  3. Me too, I need to buy stuff.
  4. Wing clearance looks to be just over 3 feet. The Atlantic cats are maybe a half foot higher. I like it quiet frankly. They've done a good job. Definitely a lot of glass.
  5. Good catch, that makes a ton more sense. Seemed way too speedy for a 50ft boat, even motoring. What do you think the main adds on speed on the 57? 90 awa @10knts with the genoa only? 90 awa @10knts with the genoa and full main? Roger that.
  6. 5500 miles in 20 days, even with motoring is definitely not too shabby with a 50ft boat in real open seas.
  7. That's a helluva boat for the price. 57 is a nice size, especially at sea.
  8. Disagree with this post. The GB's have the most fan following because of the camaraderie amongst the various owners. I think that's a real positive for the brand. Some of the build quality has some hiccups, but the French built boats are adhering to quality IMHO. CW boats have the same camaraderie, they just don't make videos and post them. They're just out sailing and grinning. Two years ago you had 7 CW's leave outta Newport and sail to Bermuda. Good natured bantering followed everyone's arrival into port. I disagree on the performance bracket piece and here's why. Most of the times whe
  9. I think that was actually well thought out. Can place the helms way aft with little worry to falling overboard. Still gotta walk forward to the mast potentially if things get tripped up. 44ft is small to put that much stuff into it.
  10. no no, go carbon.....windows are very important
  11. Nope, looks almost like a Dix Harvey type setup. Interesting how many are choosing a forward access through the salon. I still personally prefer a full forward cockpit with inside helm. You then get the best of both worlds.
  12. That's kinda funny given I was at a certain rig shop looking at a Formula 40 rig being built in carbon. It was not Lorima I've had incredible interactions with the OneSails folks. If I get a rig before October, then I'll let you know how the sails work.
  13. Tough to beat an Atlantic cat once you've spent some time on them.
  14. That's high, 38knots of boatspeed in 15knots of breeze, that's just insane!!!!!
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