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  1. So who is going to bring Dazzle to the multihull centre and bring her back to life?
  2. I believe it's an Atlantic 47 with the mastfoil. My mom knows I love a good catamaran sighting and sent this photo to me from Beaufort. The lines to me seem timeless. We've spotted a couple of these (or the same one a couple of times) in the Beaufort area.
  3. One can dream. What would a refit cost? What does it need? When was it built? The lines on it are really beautiful. Maybe dazcat/the multihull centre could do the refit and flip it into a new home. -P
  4. No doubt and the fact that the OG owner was kind of always voicing discontent. There is a bow thruster. Curious where she's going. MC38s are one of my favorite blends of practical, speed and esthetics from my internet only experience with them.
  5. Where's she going? I think someone is getting a deal. Curious if the problems from 1st owner have been worked out. https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/2016-maine-cat-38-7831842/
  6. I want to know about a fast 32' pocket rocket!
  7. Managing the toddler and the tiller I was only able to snag this photo. Really love the lines on this boat from all angles. Some day I will learn how to rotate a photo uploaded from mobile.
  8. Pretty sure I saw this same boat, same place but with no mast and not moored. Motoring through Beaufort today. This time I was out on the water and had a wave and a shout out to the skipper.
  9. As a youtube connoisseur, yacht world window shopping, mooring ball creeping addict of performance catamarans.... I freaking love Dazcats. It was this Dazcat listing on YW that first turned me on to them. https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/1998-dazcat-open-bridgedeck-6066511/ The 30 footer open bridgedeck has been for sale for a while. I also love all the 640x480 videos in non english language of the TRT1200 open bridge deck. I understand how they come up in the same conversation. Where is the TRT1200 2021 update? Would not take much to update that concept with some sexy modern lines.
  10. Wonder if Gitana could tow a small glider to a 2000 ft. for the most energy efficient flying of all time.
  11. Fascinating story. I reckon he will come around and give them the story they want. What is left to be ashamed about? He already got his public opinion trial and he got his boat back. This excerpt from the article before the recovery. If he had time to snag a few pictures and write up the tale he probably will. "John Taylor also promises our readers that he will give them "all the news in the world, just to thank them, as soon as he can actually go and get his boat, as soon as he approaches it, as soon as he gets there. on board and of course then, too. I owe them that much, to your r
  12. The weather was not perfect for sailing but damn it was pretty the last 6 days. We did a fair amount of motor sailing to get where we needed to get. Making 6 to 7 knots at 3/4 throttle in 5 knots of wind is kind of cool and way better than wide open on the kicker. My father and I did a peaceful 22nm northern trek on Friday. Several day-sails with the family when the wind was good on Sat and Sun. Then 26nm back south to join up with some friends for a raft up on Monday. Then 10 or so miles back to the slip on Tuesday. Someone brought a drone so that we could appreciate this from above. S
  13. I've always had an affection for this style of boat as a "day tripper or long coastal weekender" even though I'm not quite to where I can do that kind of sailing with enough frequency. I would like to see a modernized take on a blend of an MC30 + Edel 35 + Tek35 + TRT 1200 with a dash of TS3.
  14. That's on my list of cool boats I would sail. Fast, open bridge deck. Hard to find great info on them as they are a little less common. Some older youtube videos floating around. Actually, I had not checked youtube in a while and it looks like one channel (TRT1200 ragebul) has posted some more recent vids.
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