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  1. That's on my list of cool boats I would sail. Fast, open bridge deck. Hard to find great info on them as they are a little less common. Some older youtube videos floating around. Actually, I had not checked youtube in a while and it looks like one channel (TRT1200 ragebul) has posted some more recent vids.
  2. Dog...admiring a cat. Specifically a Catana. We buzzed her stern to say hi to the captain and his mate on the back.
  3. I like the understated grey but I also weirdly like the shit out of the chrome. #windowshoping
  4. I like this theory a lot. Since we only consistently work upwind in 4 or 5 spots this might be a big part the case
  5. Thanks for all the comments. Im liking the "it's all in your head" trend. I want to reiterate this is a feeling I've had over two years of getting to know the boat not just one random trip using windy and race qs. -I do like the wind shear thoughts. -I'm sure current and other factors play into this perception -I will definitely check my mast alignment and stay tension. -And for those who say "just enjoy it" this is enjoying it! We love sailing this thing as much as possible. We will beat up the narrow waterway if we can to avoid using the motor. We have tacked
  6. While this is a real track from my race ques from today and a real screen shot from Windy at the time this track was happening, I mostly did this just to exaggerate how I feel the boat sails. I'm confident we don't point to 20deg on port. Will try and get some long tacks on a slack tide in an open stretch of flat water with a good true wind direction.
  7. 12 knots N wind. Reef in, low stress. We will have more PFDs in the future for ocean side. It was super gentle today but I know better. So, apologies for that.
  8. I have a suspicion that my boat performs better on port tack vs starboard tack when sailing upwind. Right now this is just a suspicion because all of the times we are usually beating, there is typically a component of current that is not perfectly aligned with or against the wind but it just feels not as good, consistently, on starboard tack. I don't have any fancy VMG, apparent wind stuff on my boat. This little track from today actually did have a fairly well aligned current (tail) vs wind, but we were not on both tacks long enough to really get a good feel for it. Assuming I do indeed c
  9. Blowing 19knots steady from the SW and holy crap this boat is so much better pointing with 2 (sloppy) reefs in the main. The helm balance with the 2nd reef in was awesome. Passing every boat both directions in the no wake zone with 6 adults on board is a hard feeling to beat. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ED15xaNYuZYF2WHNA
  10. Indeed, getting the right measurements was critical.
  11. Finally bit the bullet and got the appropriate size.
  12. A couple months ago we got our bilge game enhanced. The hull shape makes it tough to get it completely pumped out so we made these custome brackets to hold it in the ideal position. Still leaves 1/2" which is annoying but better than hand pumping it out before we set sail each time. Comments welcome on my wiring to get auto pump to work on right and left sides on 1 switch but also be able to manage the running lights and individual pumps....not my forte.
  13. The realization that the track slide did not fit was pretty disappointing. https://photos.app.goo.gl/5QUB2tq6M5m8wdSo8
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