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  1. Is there a public option to calculate your boat ORC rating?
  2. with Fenix it is fractional rig but no space for a flat-top main.
  3. Thanks for interest I am sailing on a beautiful swede designed sailboat Maxi Fenix. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/maxi-fenix-85 Currently having this sail set: http://www.puri.ee/media/EST894-Edda-2020.pdf
  4. the answer is still 42, so what was the question? oh.. will dacron make a difference or will one sloppy tack wipe that all out? Well, the question was nice, I think. There was an exact discussion like this in 2007. It was a nice discussion. 42 - spill your beans now, what do you think? Will a dacron vs liteskin.... change the game for an average club racer?
  5. I am choosing a new mainsail for the season. Handicap racing, not one design. How many seconds per mile will I loose with a good crosscut dacron mainsail, rather than a new Liteskin tri-radial main? There was a nice discussion about this 14 years ago in this forum, maybe experiences have changed?
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