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  1. Kiwis and Aussies are crazy. Our Boat Broker in Pittwater (just north of Sydney) when we sold our boat there in 2017 was a bit of a local legend as he had sailed a Hobie 18 to Hobart and his own home built engineless 31ft Catamaran (similar to a Reynolds 33) to San Francisco with his wife.
  2. I think that's a bit harsh. They go pretty well with 20kts+ of wind and track well enough to be easy on autopilots. Crossed the Pacific with a few in 2017 that we kept pace with but then I was on another boat you probably don't like, a Crealock 37. Horses for courses but sometime a brick shit house that almost sails itself isn't a bad option for shorthanded ocean crossings.
  3. I was surprised how quickly it broke up also. Westsail 42s have a lot of glass in them.
  4. Bruce seemed to be one to find a shape he liked and just keep tweaking it for a decade. Maiden (Design 81) looks like a scaled up version of the same design. Current owner of a 1104.
  5. The Crealock 37 we had a few years ago came with a Faryman V2 diesel. They were originally an aircooled design and the one that came in our boat had plastic water jackets and was raw water cooled. Needless to day, it was junk and leaked oil and water our of every seam, though it did still start/run. $14k later, a Beta 35 wasn't a bad conversion.
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