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  1. When I came up with the idea to celebrate the class' 50th, Ian's legacy and all the enjoyment so many people have had racing that little boat, and then set up a great committee team in all the regions to plan the event, well, you guy have nailed exactly why I wanted to do it. Yes, it was to build an email list and solicit more sailors and fund my vacations. FFS guys.
  2. Thanks Tiller. I'll pass your message on to Tracy
  3. Yes, they're made in China and Zou was approved quite recently. Announcement a little late in being issued, but I understand it will go out soon. E6E wanted their announcement held back just a bit, but it will also go out very soon.
  4. Some are born dicks, some achieve dickness, and some have dickness thrust upon 'em. (apologies to Shakespeare)
  5. "Do you seriously believe that the tolerances you see there - data they knew they had to submit off those builds to get approved - is what you will see in typical routine production?" The new builders didn't "submit" data. They built 10 pre-prod. boats which where measured and audited with the ILCA Technical Officer observing, capturing photos and video (of not just the data, but also the layup, resin content, etc.), and recording the data. "Do you seriously believe that the tolerances you see there - is what you will see in typical routine production? "I would bet you ..... that boa
  6. There's been plenty of chatter here, and some (one in particular), questioning the class in the adherence to its one-design principle, with statements and opinions made on areas such as mast rake variances. This is to provide some background on what takes place in the approval process of a new builder. Each of the 6 new ILCA Dinghy builders approved over the past year was required to produce a set of 10 pre-production boats. The approval process centered around an audit data sheet, which nominates over 160 individual critical characteristics defined in the Builders Manual. At the completi
  7. Final judgment in the Kirby v LP case released today.
  8. My cover’s been blown. Thanks Bill So I’ve been on the WC since 2013. Here’s a list of “kickbacks” and perks received: - travel and living expenses to attend the annual WCM, held either at a Heathrow or Dallas airport hotel (quite exotic) - reimbursement for vacation time from my employment to attend the Thursday and Friday sessions of the annual WCM: zero - reimbursement for time on copious calls, emails, Zoom meetings, document writing and reviews: none - an ILCA T-shirt, collared golf shirt or similar: zero - any other perk: none
  9. Sailing Journalist Andy Rice with an excellent interview with Chris Turner (who runs Ovington Boats), where Chris talks about why they decided to become an ILCA Dinghy builder. He also talks a bit about some of the boat's construction details and how they were surprised how tight many of the tolerances are. https://fb.watch/2rQbC3r7cE/
  10. Rob, you were sworn to secrecy!! Oh well, the cat's out of the bag now. Oh, and small correction, there will soon be 8 builders (add in the existing PSJ and PSA). As I mentioned during last night's call, major kudos go out to ILCA's Technical Director, Clive Humphris, who with his team managed to guide the 6 new builders, all through Zoom calls and emails, through the process to approval during a very challenging year to say the least.
  11. Element 6 Evolution (Thailand) is up next for approval.
  12. Apologies, Tiller, as I typed out my reply a little hastily. Obviously they were not establishments of "new classes", but rather were establishments of new rig alternatives to open up more widespread participation in the class. Voting was not done since they didn't directly affect the Standard rig.
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