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  1. This shot really shows off the epic scale of this boat... Wow!
  2. Still looking. I found someone on ebay who had a pair but wanted WAYY too much money for them.
  3. The ultimate 24 for sale in the classifieds right now would be a great boat. Easily trailerable, lifting keel, fast, can fit 5. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/ultimate-24-hull-4/ I have some time on all three sized seascapes. The 18 is a really fun boat to sail, but 5 people is probably going to be very crowded. The 24 is my favorite of all 3 and definitely 'sportier' than the 27. It would easily fit 5 and has a nice interior. The 27 is a bit outside of your original size range and is more of a full fledged boat than a 'day sailor' or 'sport boat'.
  4. Long overdue update. I ended up with 2 coats of primer on the entire hull and a 3rd using what I had leftover on just the old boot strip to help cover it. Luckily I was able to find a location to do the topcoats indoors, painting outside wasn't working to well. I had originally intended to only apply two coats of the Epifanes, but last minute I sourced a little more paint incase I needed a third coat, and I'm very glad I did. The boot strip was still faintly visible even after the primer and two top coats. I would have thought the paint would cover better. In the end I did 3 c
  5. You could have tied a number of different knots that didn't look like this...
  6. Sanded, filled, sanded, filled, and sanded today. The boat looked 100x better just taking the old paint off. The first coat of primer didn't cover or go as far as I thought it would. I've got a second "quart" to apply after a light sanding. I say "quart" because each container is really only 750ml. Instructions said to thin the primer by 5%, this was way too little. Probably ended up somewhere closer to 10-12%
  7. I decided to go with the Epifanes. I'll post my experience and results. Can't turn out much worse than what's on there now!
  8. Both of those finishes look really good. I did look into Alexseal a bit, but again found it hard to find vendors. When I did find a vendor the normal white colors were again out of stock. Any suggestions on where to buy it? Defender has all of the Epifanes products in stock.
  9. Looking at repainting a hull. The previous paint job is in terrible shape. I was recommended Interlux Perfection by a family member who painted their boat a couple years ago, but it's backordered everywhere till mid-May. Does anyone have experience with the Epifanes two-part Poly? I would be rolling and tipping, not spraying. Color will be white over an old white. My research says both of these products are easier to work with for a non-professional than Awlgrip, especially when rolling it on.
  10. Vendee tracker just updated to show Boris' speed of 6.6 kts. Damn...
  11. So how light does it need to be for the code zeros to come out??
  12. What leadership by Ben there, just give up a few hundred meters from the finish. That'll help the team's spirits...
  13. According to the results its a modified 1D35, and it won this class. http://results.calyachtclub.com/RaceResults/2019/CRW.html?rnum=99&eid=476&yr=2019&ssort=1&sdir=1&ssdir=1
  14. If you are going to go with a tablet for a plotter I would recommend shopping cases first. It's hard to come by a true IP67/68 case. I went with a Galaxy Tab A with a Temdan case running open CPN. Its plenty bright enough in daylight and the case is definitely waterproof (I'm pretty sure it was the only thing that stayed dry on an overnight race in the fog/rain). As for mounted electronics I went with B&G Trident2 displays with the wired wind system, GPS/compass, and combo depth/speed transducer. Defender runs a pretty nice deal on the bundle. Adding a $200 NMEA2000 Wifi bridge w
  15. Our Wednesday night fleet changed over from PHRF ToD to ORRez in 2018 looking to mix things up. Loudest complainers were the boats who won their fleets the previous year, and the year before that, and the year before that.... Either way we held a vote and decided to make the change. The engineer side of me wanted to crunch some data and see if the new rating system was making a difference, so I scored a handful of races under both systems. It turned out ORRez was indeed making most of the races closer. Finish positions weren't changing too much but finish deltas between boats were on ave
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