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  1. You are very well prepared for a lot of low probability problems, can’t hurt. But I’ll say again, the most important tools when singlehanding are the auto pilot and an alarm clock. I recommend again - 100% redundant backup for the autopilot. An AP failure/ problem is way way higher probability than almost everything else you’ve so meticulously prepared for. Bite the bullet, spend the money, get it. Do you have radar? Written from zero-visibility Roque Island........
  2. I worked as a deckhand on Stormy Weather in 1979 in her old age as a USVI charter boat. She was fun to sail, but a real bear on the helm downwind in a sea. She certainly won a lot of silver in her day, but of course no match for the mega-yachts of her era.
  3. Chris White doesn't get the credit he should for having developed this concept on his Atlantic series.....It really is great for short handed cruising! It's incredibly safe, and only occasionally incredibly wet - which is when you step back into the pilot house. Anchoring and mooring is really simplified too. One aspect that GB sacrificed was the ability to lounge up forward - it's a really valuable extra outside seating area on our Atlantic 57. Comfortable in the tropical afternoons on anchor when it's too hot aft even with a drop screen. And you are outdoors for "feel", though I would never
  4. Congrats on closing the sale! Iron Wing was a long time selling - we looked at her over three years ago and she'd already been on the market for a while then...Where is she headed? We arrived in Eastport Maine last week - 1,767 miles from Antigua, 8 days 10 hours. We were a little lazy in light air around Bermuda, with a little effort we could have gotten in under 8 days I think. We did 240 miles flat in the first 24 hours, and 687 miles in the first 72 hours - that was fun! Crossing the Gulf Stream north of Bermuda was surprisingly lumpy with a SW'ly against an eddy (or whorl??), even wa
  5. The tyranny of having a schedule - major contributor to bad experiences. Our general rule with guests is they can pick where or they can pick when, but not both.
  6. Well it's been beautiful here in Maine - sunny and mild days. We just filled the fridge in Eastport, going to spend a leisurely 2 weeks or so gunkholing West to Bar Harbor. There is no, literally no, tourist infrastructure on the water between here and there. A few fishing towns without grocery stores or restaurants, that's it. Should be nice! Spent a couple nights in Cobscook Bay up the Pannamaquan River, now heading over to Federal Harbor - looking for a weather window to jump outside to Cutler, maybe Thursday or very early Friday.
  7. So we just finished the passage from Antigua to Eastport Maine, 8.5 days for 1,800 miles. Just in time......
  8. I have a lot of respect for the East coast. Been sailing it short handed and single handed since the 70’s. One thing I didn’t see on your list is a separate emergency diesel fuel container. Always good to have a few gallons not in the tank in case of loss, contamination, miscalculation, etc. Harbor fuel. Only other thing I’d emphasize is the autopilot - having that extra hand when you’re alone is the most critical advantage I think. Being able to control the heading of the vessel often makes solving any other problem much easier. I’d double down there, full back up. have fun, it can
  9. What were the red flags for replacement?
  10. Boomed headsails are not a new thing at all. We love our staysail boom, it gives you complete control over sail shape on all points of sail without sheet-lead tracks (which would be way more difficult to engineer and rig for us), and works better for self tacking. We carry it high enough to walk under the aft end when we're at rest - in use it sits pretty low.
  11. New Gunboat 68 https://www.gunboat.com/series/gunboat68/ Actually easier to get to BC from Caribbean I think....plus we have other reasons to stop in the US on the way there and back...but either way it's 20-30+ hours of travel just to a gateway plus 3-6 hours more to the hill. Each way. I've threatened to ski in Chile/Argentina for decades, never made it. I've studied it a bit, and one thing is that it seems much of the skiing is above tree line and less "feature-rich" than Western US/Canada - but it would be interesting to hear from somebody who's been there.
  12. This is an existential dilemma for us, since we love the Caribbean and heli-skiing. Still struggling for the right balance.
  13. It's beautiful, always admire well kept brightwork. When I was boatshopping for a liveaboard cruiser the top of my list was: Zero exterior woodwork. Almost made it! We have about 50 sq. inches of bare teak on our two transom steps. Token teak.
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