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  1. I went through that boat a couple of years ago when it was gathering dust in the barn and was curious about the background on it. Good luck with the refit!
  2. Abbot 36 sounds like.a good boat for you. Good performance, good shorthanded capabilities. I think the one I used to race against had running backstays, which puts some people off If this doesn't pan out I think if you're patient you can find a decent boat in Ontario. 80s C&C 33 and 35 are nice boats, and lots around, many with club racing gear and inventories. This boat has been for sale forever and still catches my eye - haven't seen it, but a tiller might be ok for small crews. https://www.rcryachts.com/print/used/cc-33-mkii-1530115038 Nice meeting you at Bridgeview
  3. I saw a Quest 33 out of the water a few years ago and it really caught my eye. It seems like a boat that would keep me very happy. I'm having a great time in my Mount Gay 30 from the same era No interior amenities, but any boat envy I might have when comparing it to a J/99 for s/h racing goes away when I compare price tags. I guess it's the packaging as a racer/cruiser that makes the modern crop so attractive vs some older racing boats, but maybe I'm missing something... Gotta go sailing on a new boat some time to find out what I'm missing. In the meantime maybe we'll meet on the
  4. He was listed as a co-designer on the Aphrodite and some of the builder's other models.
  5. That ballast system looks very much like mine. I have a Mount Gay 30. Is the pump electric? What handicapping rules are you racing under, and how do they deal with water ballast? My sailboat is ashore this year but I hope to do some racing on Lake Ontario next year. Nice looking boat!
  6. I had one for a couple of years on Lake Michigan in the early 90s. Original configuration, no overlapping jibs, teak decks. Fun boat, could race with 3 people.
  7. I tow mine with my Prius. They're not hard to move around.
  8. Sitting on shore for a lot of years uncovered with the rig up is approaching abandonment. I remember seeing that boat in it's heydey. Too bad it's not out sailing still.
  9. I used to race against one in NS in the early 1980s. I remember it being very fast in light air, but harder to make go in a breeze. Think it was built in Florida, probably a quarter ton design.
  10. Ronnie, I found you when I thinking of buying a MG30. Fun times! Pretty impressive sailing home with no keel. I'm going into my second season with one on the great lakes, and it's been a great boat. A few teething problems like losing a rudder, but looking forward to 2020.
  11. The 33 is just as likely as the 35 to be wet. They're essentially the same era and construction as the 35. I almost bought a 35, and would have preferred the 33 over the 35. But when I looked at the work/cost involved in owning one and optimizing for SH sailing I couldn't make it work within my budget. Big boats, big headsails, hard to sail to rating S/H. IMO the J/105 or J/92 are far better suited out of the box for S/H sailing - smaller headsails, assymetric spinnakers, and less dependent on rail meat. I have a friend who has a very nice Thomas 35 for sale on the east coast t
  12. Nice. Like a big Alerion 28. I'd be smitten too.
  13. I'll put a plug in for the on deck pole. My arrangement looks similar to the Pogo and I'm happy with it. Not extendable from the cockpit, but simple and effective, and no water intrusion.
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