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  1. Fair winds Yacov! Mazel tov on a life well lived! AP - Yacov Moshe Maza (1927-2021) has died at 93 years of age. Maza emigrated to the U.S. from Belarus in 1929 and represented Belarus in the Star class winning Gold in 1948 London Olympics. Actually finishing 2nd, Maza was awarded Gold when Palestinian winner Nosir Imnotfat was disqualified when he refused to share the podium with the Jewish Maza, who was also an ordained rabbi. Yacov never had formal coaching in sailing which makes his accomplishment all the more impressive. As a teenager of an impoverished family working as garden
  2. Price of steel has gone way up in the last year or so.
  3. Read much? I said I took the Vax. In April. It was Pfizer Jesus you people must have cut elementary school too much to go catfish noodlin
  4. What do you mean? A special place in Heaven? The guy built sailboats. He didn’t cure cancer I thought Heaven was a place free of class society. Where anyone can be in the buffet line next to anyone No special tables . WTF?
  5. I believe in the vaccination. But it world be helpful if the highest leaders in our government would be pushing a vax that their own government (FDA) has fully approved. ‘Take the shot!’ ’Have you fully approved it yet?’ ‘No, hopefully we will by the end of next month. But take it anyway!’ ‘Well, fuck off then and call me next month’.
  6. Billy, The fact you do not know that NBC is considered the most liberal network does not make you a bad person. But it does mean you should turn in your Mensa lapel pin. I could give you a fish for a day, or teach you to fish for a lifetime. But if you will endorse Bills that you don't even read or know the contents of, I cant teach you a fucking thing. We need to start with a basic foundation before we move on to elucidation. Did you even know that free government childcare is now defined as 'infrastructure'?
  7. That’s stating the obvious, because you have no money and no life.
  8. If that was the case all of these forums would be dead.
  9. And the laws were there before the saw. Laws don't matter to you? You must be an anarchist!
  10. Mama Mia Of course I cannot document it. Can you prove it’s not true? Nazi much? How do people pass judgement without hearing both sides of a story? And stop with the fairytales about airports and shooting ranges. All of the codes and regulations and laws were in place before Leo arrived. He is the one that didn’t bother to read them. Because the price to build there was cheap.
  11. Did you know the neighbor has an autistic 9 year old and the high pitch sound of the sawmill running next door sometimes made it unbearable for her? https://iancommunity.org/ssc/noise-sensitivity-autism
  12. No Feet Pete spent some time in his youth hopping freight trains. One time his hop went wrong. Lost both legs below the knees. He has prosthetics and thats why you see an odd gait and those tall boots. His balance and strength and endurance is pretty amazing.
  13. I remember running into him at a local boat dealer years ago. The first run of his Chinese produced 'Pixels' (Blue Jay replacement which many local clubs pre-ordered) had a lot of production quality issues and were being recalled and replaced. He was personally documenting which hull numbers were being returned and over saw them being chain-sawed to make sure they were retired, and replacements provided. Didn't want to leave any bad ones out there with his name on it. RIP.
  14. Nobody asked you. Go measure your hands from thumb tip to pinky tip and make a thread about it or something.
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