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  1. Your bringing nothin to the table buddy. And Fwiw I don’t watch Fox News, or msnbc, or cnn opinion shows. But keep flinging and swinging away. Hopefully you will tire out and take a well deserved nap.
  2. Let's review. You commented on someone mentioning her public policy request suggesting reparations for illegal aliens. You said you had never heard of her making that statement, which was reported on almost every news network this month. You asked for a citation. You were provided something better, an unequivocal video of her actually saying it. You made no response on her policy. You had nothing to say. So you did all you could with your limited capacity and cognitive abilities. You resorted to disparagement and name calling, grouping people, avoiding policy comments. You use
  3. Go ahead. Make my day. https://images.app.goo.gl/qXpso4jPvXhYCBo46
  4. Yep. While the Biden administration only encourages people to throw two year olds over a 14 foot tall fence. https://abcn.ws/2PoOfHc
  5. She didn't use the wrong word. As a gentleman, I was trying to offer the poor ignorant thing an excuse.
  6. You really need to educate yourself and stop making blind assumptions. Maybe she was confused and said 'reparations' when she meant to say they deserve to be 'repatriated'?
  7. It could be because her GND is a poorly thought out pipe dream. Or because she wants to pay reparations to people who entered the country illegally for their ‘mistreatment’. Or it could be because she is a cunt who can’t express an original thought without massive preparation by her handlers. It’s true old white republicans don’t relate to her. Neither does much of her own party. She will soon be forgotten by history faster than you can say ‘Beto Orourke’
  8. Its just nice to be mentioned. Maybe one day Ed will put all the photos of scantily clothed quite young Polish girls in suggestive poses back up on his SA gallery. Just how young were they Ed? And why in God's name would anyone store photos of girls less than half your age in a sailing website's portfolio, and not something like Google photos? Who does that? Fucking weird! Did Mrs. Ed have your password so the artwork can be recovered should you predecease her? Can you delve into this in your next blog update? That might spice it up a bit. How much can one read about baking bread in the
  9. Terminal 2 in alright. I think its named after the Queen because its new and shiny. And the train into Paddington Station is pretty efficient about 20 mins . Cabs are priceless and might take you two hours
  10. You can have all of the British culture and food and golf you like in Marbella, and with better weather .
  11. Enlarge Image The hybrid Land Rover that will carry the coffin will be a Defender 130 Gun Bus, which the Duke helped design.Bav Media / Splash If it holds up to British tradition it will break down three times on the procession, and they will have to wait 3 weeks for the parts to come in to the dealer.
  12. The number one attraction in London is Buckingham Palace where tourists can see and gawk at the monarchy. The number two attraction is the Tower where tourist can see and gawk how the monarchy stores their jewelry and tortured their subjects.
  13. Except it’s the most important ‘industry’ England still has. They probably stilL bring in more tourist money than they cost. Otherwise they would be gone. as Philip said when told England was once running in the red ‘Oh dear I may have to give up polo’
  14. Yes. Neville Chamberlain did his best to keep Nazi Facism ‘at bay’
  15. Well they did give the Pakistanis a better deal than they had.
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