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  1. Nothing like a little information. Or in this case, very little information. $7,000 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/d/san-jose-60-foot-ketch-sailboat/7416209638.html
  2. I'm sure you'll all be thrilled to know that I've solved the problem by replacing my Genius-5 with a Genius-10. Now I'm getting the correct lights when the battery reaches full charge. I'm not sure why the 5 Amp charger wasn't working with my new LiFeP04 battery.
  3. This is the storm that caused the CZU Lightning Complex Fires that ran through the town of Bonny Doon, Ca., and others, in 2020.
  4. Oops. I thought I proof-read it sufficiently. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Unfortunately it's too late to make the necessary changes.
  5. I didn't watch the trial. In fact I rarely watch the news at all. It's so totally biases and phony, and is made up of nothing but who killed (raped, beat, stole from, burned, etc.) who today. I can get through my whole life without knowing that kind of thing. I don't burry my head in the sand, I can just do without the local BS the news stations dole out.
  6. What did the guy with the camera do to get such a stiff sentence? Did he have physical contact with Arbery, or was he just behind the camera, hoping he'd be the next YT folk hero for capturing a black man running through his neighborhood? He's got to be feeling like a chump right now. From what I read, he didn't even know the two racist, inbred, backwoods retards who killed Ahmad. Now he gets to look forward to years of forced oral copulation with the United Blood Nation, Black Guerilla Family and Crips he's going to encounter during his "stay".
  7. I'll file a complaint with the manager in the morning.
  8. He'd better get some rest if he plans to sail that boat to London from Richmond.
  9. I can't swear that it's making a difference, but I can definitely see that it's taking up some tension. Maybe I'll notice it more when sailing downwind in faster conditions. There wasn't a ton of wind out there on Tuesday. One day I'll learn to edit the ending of my videos so they're a bit smoother.
  10. Not so creepy after all. It turns out it was the guy who manages the yard, and he did it for the reason I suspected. He said he needed to be able to move the boats around once in a while, and mine was a PITA due to the crappy jack I had installed. Twice I offered to pay him for the jack, but he said he gets them by the dozen and not to worry about it. btw... does anyone know what this thing is? The tongue weighs a bloody ton when the boat's not full of water!
  11. . I got this from NOCO tonight. April C (NOCO) Nov 22, 2021, 20:12 MST Hello, Thank you for contacting NOCO Support. One or more of the internal cells of the battery is likely out of balance and the battery BMS is opening a relay to stop charge until that cell(s) has a chance to slowly equalize. When the battery BMS opens up their relay, the charger sees this as a disconnect (same as someone taking off a charger lead) and goes to standby. Once the battery BMS sees the internal cell
  12. I like to think I payed it forward when I later found a boat in the yard with its trailer tongue in the air, due to the cockpit being full of water, and pushed the tongue back down and bailed it out. The difference is, the owner is never going to know.
  13. I had a very strange day yesterday. When I got to the marina, I found that someone had removed my old, crusty, Harbor Freight tongue-jack, and replaced it with a brand new, better jack. WTF? Who does that?? (Besides a really nice person) It's not like it just unplugs. You have to work at it to get it done. I'm not complaining, in fact I'm very grateful and appreciate it, but there was no note and no indication of who did it. The guy who runs the yard likes to move the smaller boats around with no notice at all. It's quite entertaining. I thought maybe he did it to make
  14. I thought I'd tack this little question on here in the hope that someone else has seen this and knows what it is. I've read that a flashing Stand-By light can mean, among other things, that the battery is fully charged and can't take any more charging. Problem is, I can't find anything about the blue, battery selector light flashing with it. Has anyone else seen this with their charger? The battery is currently showing 13.61 Volts. This never happened when charging my 12V/55 Amp-Hr. AGM.
  15. I've had this lock-blade knife for over 25 years, and honestly know nothing about it. I don't even remember where I got it. The only identifying marks are a name and location on the blade.
  16. Molly (my, then, GF's dog). These photos were taken in 2010. Sadly, I heard Molly passed this year at 15. She was a dope and a real spaz, but a very sweet one.
  17. I had a 5-day blazing, blinding headache after the second shot. I'll be getting the third shot when it becomes available or work demands it. Whichever comes first. It's been mandated by my employer: Get the jab or lose your job. (I'd get it regardless).
  18. You didn't. I wrote it. For some reason I couldn't get the quoted box, or whatever it's called, to delete.
  19. Thanks. This is what I like to see. Because the boat doesn't live at home with me. I keep it at a local marina, in dry storage (no power outlets). Given I pretty much have to build (assemble) the boat every time I use it, and the fact that the new battery only weighs 24lbs, having to take it out every time, really isn't a big deal. Originally I was going to go solar and charge it in the boat, but that was when I was using an AGM battery that weighed nearly 50lbs. That thing was a pain to get out from behind the seat. My Riptide-45 has a max (full throttle) draw of
  20. Wow, this thread went in a direction I can't even pretend to comprehend. But, so long as so many knowledgeable people are offering their opinions and expertise, I have a charging question regarding the battery in my original post. The 12V, 100 Amp/Hr. LiFeP04 I ordered. Would the NOCO Genius-5 smart charger, with lithium setting, be suitable for charging the battery? The battery manufacturer said it would work, but that a 20 Amp charger would make the battery "happier". They didn't say exactly what they meant by that, though. I get that the charge times would be less (5
  21. Thanks for all the replies. I threw something together this afternoon. Hopefully in about a week, I'll have time to see how it does.
  22. I take it back. He gives it very high marks for build quality in all areas except low temp charge protection, which it seems it doesn't have. No big deal for me. My part of California rarely drops to below freezing. If it gets that cold, I won't be sailing anyway, so charging won't be an issue.
  23. Thanks for that link! I've seen that guy's channel, but not that video. (I'm a little afraid to watch it). I'll just be running a small, 45# thrust, trolling motor. Nothing else.
  24. I'm not following... Disconnects what, when? The only thing I could find in the specs, in regards to the BMS and "disconnecting", was a low temp, charging disconnect, but I won't be charging below 32*. I'll be charging it indoors with (hopefully) a NOCO Genius-5, 5A smart-charger. Or did you mean something else? This new battery will be getting very little use. Worst case scenario, I'll have to motor 2.5 - 3.0 miles, at 1/2 - 3/4 throttle (less than 42A), back to the dock, if the wind dies. (The entrance to the channel is about 100 yards past those distant high-tensio
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