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  1. I like the Brian Williams show. He’s a little biased towards the democrat side but pretty good. I only listen to these on the podcast version of the show, and I used to listen to Rachel Maddow but I can’t do it anymore. She is smart. Often has information they don’t have another places. But there are too many occasions where I was listening and just had to call bullshit, because she was spinning and not presenting complete information. And when she’s wrong, she doesn’t come out and say you know I got that one wrong. She and the MSNBC morning show people shit on Fox, rightly, but then do a les
  2. Steam 10 minutes a pound? I have been boiling for 7 with mixed results. I only cook them when visitors come and expect lobster. I get them free from the guy next door who has 5 traps but doesn’t eat lobster (I take care of his cat when he’s away). I boil them in a propane contraption in the driveway. But the only way I really like it is a good lobster roll. With fries and a coke. Living in Wiscasset we have a couple of famous choices but my favorite one is Erica’s, by the Dolphin. They are perfect, not too large and not oversized. I always feel bad about cooking them, I do eat fish
  3. Been on this cool old boat. Bummer. Glad everyone is safe. Can’t imagine how this happened, they kind of put put around the river on their tours. https://bangordailynews.com/2021/07/30/news/midcoast/historic-touring-schooner-capsizes-in-kennebec-river/
  4. Good news is there are some great YouTube channels about how to fix a hurricane damaged catamaran.
  5. That is what I am seeing as well. Few people go from the “land based sailing dream” phase to sailboat racing in one step. Unless they’re French. Just signed final bill of sale papers on my boat yesterday so I am boatless. Today I am jumping in the car to drive 6 hours because a boat that matches what I want just came available and I have missed a few and had one bad survey, so I am jumping on it. Assuming I put a bid in, the question is what to bid in this market. A couple weeks ago I bid 10% below asking and the seller said flat out no and didn’t counter. My broker had suggested (10
  6. I have a Garmin Gator which is similar to that. Great knife. Also good if I have to wrestle any gators.
  7. Your profile says “Interests: masturbation.” This certainly qualifies.
  8. So… what’s a Hulu? what’s a lollapalooza? What time does The Grateful Dead hit the stage? Questions aside, we have crossed the line, I think. I was all for enforcing mask and SD rules until the vaccines were fully available. I fully supported the govt and CDC. But now I think we can’t revert back to those rules, for a number of reasons I won’t reiterate. We had one shot the first half of last year to try to shut down, wear masks and isolate to flatten the curve until we got vaccines and hopefully better treatments. People didn’t do it, and now that opportunity has passed. Covid var
  9. I got bored of his videos but I like the guy. Whether he’s on the spectrum or not I think the main thing I learned about sailing from Sam is not to over react or under react to anything that happens on the boat, on sea or at the dock. He’s a cool customer. My guess is the teacher told him to smile for the 1st grade school picture and forgot to tell him to stop.
  10. Yes exactly. Religious belief formation can work this way. I had 12 yrs of catholic school and they scared a lot of shit into us. The govt tried to appeal to civic responsibility, “wear a mask for other people” “save grandma” etc. But it was overpowered by “evil dr Fauci wants to come house to house and sterilize you are take your freedoms.”
  11. That is the thing, this whole process of belief adoption is wired in and a million years old. Ideas accompanied with emotion (fear) and one emotional example (“my sisters cousins kid got the shot and now he’s autistic”) while a person is under stress are adopted quickly. Then amplified by social pressure, and then spread. Ideas that require use of the pre frontal cortex, reason and complex data are adopted slower. The former process is older than the latter. It is critical for survival if you are a hunter gatherer living in the woods. Or in a preliterate and prescientific society such as a Dol
  12. Rained like hell today. I watched expedition evans actually attempt to sail the boat. Wow. They have some things to learn. That girl is a pretty damn happy young person though. Big dose of cute and happy. I’ll give them that. Almost melted my 2021 sucks angry Grinch heart. Not quite though.
  13. That will be a long wait. That type of retail is dying. Malls are dinosaurs. Instead of malls, invest in warehousing supply chain and logistics, online direct to consumer marketing and user trend analysis. The new retail startups are selling to my kids on Instagram. I am old and even I haven’t been in a shopping mall in 4 years. I don’t think I have even bought clothes in a store in the last 3 except for LL Bean, because it’s the law in Maine.
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