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  1. With a build like that, yer mind's eye blocks out the Sean Penn-lookin' goof and the kid Now I finally understand what Doyle means by “stack pack”.
  2. As a public service to all of you I watched two of their videos. The good one was #2 or 3 in their feed which has zero to do with sailing and is just the girl trying on one bikini after another for 10 minutes after going on some bikini modeling gig and getting a bunch of free bikinis. Initially I thought jeez I hope my wife doesn’t come in here and see me watching this but after a few minutes I decided that if she does catch me, fuck it, I am watching it, it’s worth it. I think the whackos over in political anarchy should be required to watch this video. Also that dude who is obsessed with “br
  3. Ditto on Progressive. Easy and cheaper across the board than Geico
  4. I also used Kevin Harris. He did survey two years ago on my boat including yanmar 3gm30
  5. It is getting tedious here. Someone can post a photo of a winch handle and half a page later it’s angry posts about colonialism. Then the googling of supporting semi-facts begins. This was more fun back when it was boats and tits. (That last sentence is not a quote from Prince Philip but may as well have been).
  6. And he didn’t spill his drink while crossing over it. People need to lighten up.
  7. He held up his end, served faithfully, sailed boats, had a laugh, and wasn’t a pussy. fair winds.
  8. I second the part that you crossed out. These boats have a pole stepped to the keel for a reason.
  9. So. Where are we then? Are we arriving at a consensus? sailing, yes manbuns, no eric aanderaa, yes texans, no bikinis, no (secretly yes) boat yoga, fuck no babies, no cats, yes, dogs, no brady, yes, riley, no old cranks, yes laine, yes, williams, no australians, yes opera, no dylan, yes, atticus, no love, no
  10. Same here. They come back. She is now 24 and likes me. My son never left. May never leave.
  11. Of course I have no taste. I am ashamed to admit I watched Sailing GBU this weekend and liked it. I laughed through the whole thing. The two of them have barely any clue what they are doing, and let’s just say they are not super geniuses (maybe graduated junior high?? Definitely not going to be whisked off to mission control to save the day anytime soon) but they are funny. They have been out there on a horrible boat for 3 years and they still like each other and are having fun. The girl is game for anything, except perhaps a baby. I love it when Captain Matt looks into the camera and giv
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