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  1. Nobody has yet done drone footage of well coifed and made up childbirth on a wood fired full keel vessel in Patagonia.
  2. That was truly weird. Kids, angel dust and a stolen sailboat won’t get you into Harvard. Just say no. And were the cops on the police boat really saying surrender or we’ll release the police dog? Were they going to like throw a dog in the water and make it somehow climb up onto the sailboat and get the guy??
  3. Fully understand and agree. I was just reacting to the notion that rock the casbah was their best. That was a damn good song. But London Calling was one of the all time great rock albums.
  4. It has gone from pandemic to endemic. But if we are vaccinated and the treatments continue to improve eventually it will be like the flu. That is the best we can hope for. But it’s not going away, that was wishful thinking.
  5. Of course. Everybody has an agenda, it’s the America’s Cup. But it doesn’t mean he is wrong about all of it.
  6. I favor strong nationality rules. But this new AC structure is even more restrictive in that there are so few “non-cyclor” roles on the boat. There are few on-the-boat opportunities for the up and coming NZ (or other country) sailing talents. When Coutts left at least his action created opportunities for the up and comers to move around and get paid at professional rates. This time it seems the only up and comers on the boat will be top notch bicycle riders or jacked up gym rats. I can’t see Grant Dalton being beloved by the younger NZ sailors after this if he takes it away from the
  7. Well whatever the quality of his sailing, he makes a sound case. He is stretching a bit in a few areas but he puts numbers to his argument like few have done here. And I think he is correct that if ETNZ truly wanted to campaign and win in Auckland again, and pursued it with a will, there was most certainly a financial path to do it. With the new protocol that opportunity may be gone now, and ETNZ has ceded much of their Defender’s advantage to INEOS in order to seek higher funding levels.
  8. I posted this on the other AC thread as well but it is Jim Far er yesterday and also an interesting read https://www.jamesfarmerqc.co.nz/Legal-Commentary/america-s-cup-home-defence-requisition-for-special-general-meeting-of-members-of-royal-new-zealand-yacht-squadron-to-discuss-venue-for-next-defence?fbclid=IwAR0KX0dJY8g2sb1yGHTipYxjqhxjmdjoRvrWzP2eOvBGEEdIZWu8EZIDqfU
  9. Jim Farmer. Very interesting. I apologize if this has been posted already but I don’t see it. https://www.jamesfarmerqc.co.nz/Legal-Commentary/america-s-cup-home-defence-requisition-for-special-general-meeting-of-members-of-royal-new-zealand-yacht-squadron-to-discuss-venue-for-next-defence?fbclid=IwAR0KX0dJY8g2sb1yGHTipYxjqhxjmdjoRvrWzP2eOvBGEEdIZWu8EZIDqfU
  10. Yeah I was curious about it, it looked like a Formosa, so I looked it up on their website and it was built by the same guy on the same plan as a Formosa 51. It looks like they are buying a bigger boat, but I didn’t read it closely. It would not be the boat for me but I really like the look of those boats. There is always a bigger boat. This is why I should never look at YachtWorld.
  11. https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/1974-hudson-force-50-8017884/
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