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  1. The previous owner did shotty glass repair, I can peel it right off. Also all the gel coat is bubbling and cracking
  2. Hi everyone. So I have been sanding all the gel coat off from my enterprise, I’ve been finding many issues that need fixing. I’m wondering if it would be ok to just paint the fiberglass, taking the proper steps of course. I’m just worried that the paint will not give enough protection to the glass for when I beach her.
  3. Hey everyone, so I flipped my enterprise over today to do some work on her and I found the markings “WP N°4 II” does anyone know what it means?
  4. Yes that’s her. The previous owner did some poor repair work on her, like bondo and blobs of epoxy. So with this whole lockdown I am taking the time to fix her up.
  5. Wow thanks for your stories. I live in Victoria BC Canada where the water is not the warmest. While fixing up my enterprise I have been thinking about these kind of things and what might happen.
  6. Hey just wondering, if sailing a dinghy single handed and you fall over, how screwed are you
  7. Yes I have one of those picks, I’ll try to pick her apart. Thnaks
  8. It very well could have been from the trailer. I have yet to sail her since I bought her last fall. In the second photo you can see a cut out area under the king post. I didn’t see it when looking at the boat, but it was resting on the roller of their trailer. Once removed from their trailer I saw water streaming out from a crack. I followed the crack removed the broken area, cut out the rot from the king post and will be rebuilding that area. I am going to design my trailer to have wide rails and would like to avoid rollers, as they cause pressure points. im thinking to repair the keel I m
  9. Hi everyone, I have a mid 70’s enterprise and I’m having to do a fair bit of repairs to her. One problem I have it that the keel right behind the Center board case is cracked. Not sure how deep it is, as I don’t want to go farther then necessary. Here is a few photos
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