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  1. We have seen countless times racers hit UFOs and have to abandon racing. I understand that the great majority of the time it is not containers, but sometimes it is. With many being dropped every month, I don't understand d why they don't have a fail-safe valve that releases all of the air and lets them sink so that they are not a floating risk anymore
  2. Available to crew in Copenhagen. Fluent English and experienced on bow
  3. What have you guys used in a pinch for a splicing tool?
  4. Just had a thread about converting a class 40, was wondering if anyone has converted a figaro 1 or 2
  5. Had forgotten about this. Must have read it ages ago, probably what started this train of thoughts.
  6. Has anyone converted a class 40 so that it is more comfortable to live on? like for a very fast cruising boat which can be used in the summer and then some racing during winter/.when not cruising.
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