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  1. Hi Fastyacht, thanks for replying. I can imagine the boat will be slower with a heavier crew in light wind days. What I would like to know is if, In general, the boat is really suited for a crew that's on the heavier side of the design max crew weight. Or if on the contrary, the max crew weight on the official class site is misleading (I have been told so by some people). What do you think?
  2. Hi, I have a question about the max crew weight for an International 420. It's supposed to be 145 kg / 320 pounds according to the class web page: http://www.420sailing.org/content/introduction-to-the-420 Does the boat perform well with that max combined crew weight of 145kg/320 pounds? Thanks!
  3. Hi @BruceH-NZ, so I guess that makes at least two southern hemisphere Laser sailors in SA. I was watching from behind the bushes, I don't feel I'm an authorized voice on this matter, most of the active posters have written at least several hundred posts and seem to share quite a history here (Torch thread references, internal jokes -lawnmower). So I'll try and throw in my two cents, I hope I'm not stating the obvious here. Worst case scenario if the yes vote wins: -LP sues ILCA -Law suit should be dismissed since the new appointed builders no longer use the name "Laser
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