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  1. The size of the racquets is controlled and the ball size in golf along with the putters now and they are introducing a restriction on the shaft length in golf too. F1 has restrictions on testing, it once was open slather but now they typically have tests organised by F1 itself. Engines are restricted in the amount of rev's they can produce, the angle of the V how many cylinders the engine management system is a standard piece.. I could go on and on....
  2. Think it's in the description? Crowther Harrier 29 1990
  3. I think Maserati and Argo got a bit stuck for a while, that didn't help Maserati. It could bea tracker thing, but seems like has been 10-ish nm between Skorpios and Comanche for a while. All to play for though
  4. They do like their own branded stuff I assume. Cracking race up front in the multi's and mono's though. Wonder how much faster Maserati would've been with T foils.
  5. I see what you mean about the trackers, the official one doesn't even have Argo as an entrant.
  6. Just found a link with more info about Tigerlily Too, some other cool pics and info on other GB's https://www.mccolloughyachts.com/project-2
  7. Gotcha, thought it was an agreement to nobble themselves, but it seems like it is a decision based on the wind strength.. It will be interesting to see how it goes then even more.
  8. How does that work? what are they going to do with the T-foil rudders too? I mean it's not as though Maserati hasn't had lifting foils for ages and they raced against Powerplay and Powerplay doesn't have lifting foils. It seems like it would be shedload of work to make the boat go slower just so a boat might be competitive with them. Stand to be corrected, but that seems very odd indeed. *EDIT* Just found this link were Brian Thompson talks about Argo's lifting foils, admittedly they aren't as he states as extreme as Maserati's but still lifting foils. https://www.sail-world.com/ne
  9. He did own a mod 70 before called Beau Geste back in 2018 at least https://www.sail-world.com/news/211356/Mark-Agnew-SCMP-ed-Sail-World-Asia
  10. Once he got Phaedo 3 I guess it really wasn't worth beating up on the 66 just to go slower than the mod 70. Maybe things will change now he has sold (think?) Phaedo 3
  11. The new decals on Tribe look amazing. It begs the question too and to get it somewhat back on topic... forgetting about price would you rather a GB66 or 68? I feel like the 66 is going to become a more iconic and lusted after boat than the 68's
  12. Some other pics and updates on the fleet.. and some pics of GB90 Tigerlilly Too! It is looking amazing! Gunboat News
  13. *EDIT* One little boy that is a covid denier, did not have approval to enter the state, has refused to co-operate with police or wear a mask, was in a supermarket for an hour while positive and most likely HAS put the south of the state into a 3 day lockdown.. little boy isn't he correct noun for the selfish fuckwit. Incidentally he came from NSW... sooo guess who probably isn't in Hobarts good books either.
  14. I think they are trying it on a it with the price, I thought they where about 8 - 10 USD? Odd though that they are selling so soon after getting it and apparently it was a dream project, but I guess everything is for sale if you get the right price. Had forgotten about those hilariously bad promo pics.
  15. Nice spotting. Why would you even bother with a wheel like that? sheesh!
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