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  1. Interesting using wheels rather than the tiller arrangement, was that found to be a bit too unwieldy? Incidentally it looks a bit like they have played with the rudders? Did they fiddle with the boards too, I think there was an option for J foils. Cheers.
  2. Hope this doesn't feck things up... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-26/brisbane-covid-queensland-coronavirus-community-transmission/100016622
  3. https://au.yachtworld.com/boats/2019/custom-imoca-60-3819839/ This bit in the description made me go huh?!?!
  4. The Gunboat is arethusa or ALAIA? Thought for sure it was arethusa, but ALAIA is for sale and in the area I think?
  5. Sliced through the waves? More like pounded them into submission. Funny too, only about a min of the vid was of it under sail.
  6. I wouldn't be at all surprised... I hope someone does a walkthrough on it and see a video of it sailing.
  7. Holly shit someone bought one, Thought it would stay a render but it's been built looking at the photos. https://au.yachtworld.com/boats/2021/catamaran-moon-yacht-60-3734148/
  8. http://www.gitana-team.com/en/actu/1300/the_maxi_edmond_de_rothschild_homeward_bound Well that explains why they don't carry a spare...
  9. Are there 48 hour and 7 day records?
  10. I think it's 3,500 kgs braked
  11. I think I can guess too.. Did some googling about it a while ago, she has capsized in the past and she was holed and a float that was broken an incident in Queensland, it is a cool looking bit of kit though.
  12. Interesting to see Cream a GB48 on the market too, be interesting to see how long she is on the market for, tho the Gunboat site needs to fix the link on their Brokerage page, as it links to Tribe.
  13. It looks like an amazing boat, if a bit of an experiment in a way in how far can you turbo a 66. I hope that it has sold too, just to see it out sailing again.
  14. Can't find the listing for her anymore? Has someone bought themselves a early Christmas pressy? Though Looks a little erm bare with a white hull. What will I spend my potential lotto winnings on now...
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