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  1. Is there any clever hardware item that can be retrofitted onto cabin sole hatches to lock them closed in the event of a knockdown? I have the fold down flush pulls, and I don't really want to deal with major modifications to those (routing them out for something different). Thanks in advance.
  2. Uh chain wear is not a real consideration or we'd have wear material on gypsies rollers, strippers, etc etc etc
  3. So it's more than a hose or bend, it's a flange as well to the underside of the deck. But, this got me thinking. A mixer elbow without the water injection bit would actually work perfectly, and can be had in stainless. I'll keep looking.
  4. My boat currently has a pvc 90 sewer pipe attached to the underside of the deck for a chain fall to get the chain aft of the windlass battery shelf in the forepeak. It is obviously wearing rapidly as I use it. I have searched high and low on the interewebs for a proper manufactured one and perhaps I just don't know the name of it, so looking for sources/suggestions. The basics are a Surface mount, 60-90 bend, galvanized or stainless construction, suitable for 3/8 chain Windlass is a Maxwell 1100, which drops vertically.
  5. Maybe just straight up underwear if you want to go to shame-bungee.
  6. Just to be super clear, I've ruled out everything outside the mast. 99.9% confident this is inside the mast, and below the deck level. And gbkersey that won't help you should use something I call "vigilante bungees".
  7. Good question. I am pretty sure this noise is below deck level. The three internal halyards exit at 5-10' above deck and are winched down fairly tight.
  8. I think I'll try drilling a hole near noise and using borescope from there. I like the idea of sending in wire/tie loop to grab whatever it is. So frustrating this is one of a half dozen things I had to fix from the rigging company. Lesson learned, should have carefully inspected stick before it went back in.....
  9. I do have one.. But it does not have the "Range" to go from the step up to where this is.....
  10. I have something loose in the mast, right about where a person's head is in the pullman berth (keel stepped, appx 4' above step) it clangs when the boat is yawing or pitching and is extremely annoying while sleeping, even during passage. I suspect it is defunct cabling (the rigging company I had replace my standing rig and wiring made numerous mistakes / quality issues on the overall job..) What are techniques to inspect and resolve something like this? Boat is a passport 41
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