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  1. I guess “newbie” means I haven’t posted much. Better get on it!!
  2. I’m a Commercial Airline Pilot. 30 years in - 20,000+ hours. Been struck in a B737 and BE1900. Capt. Ron
  3. Funny that my Name comes up as “Newbie”. I’ve been racing sailboats for over 40 years! 35,000nm sailed. Better get that changed!
  4. I’m all for having a conduit, grounding wire, installed in the build of the mast.
  5. The carbon mast and boom are built by Axxon in Romania.
  6. Very good to know. Thank you. We will be on the “new pier #7” spring of ‘23. Hopefully!! Supply chain issues have pushed us back 6 months already. Capt. Ron
  7. Been struck by lightning airborne a couple of times! What is “NDT”, sorry if this is some text slang I don’t understand. Capt. Ron
  8. Thank you. Yes. Carbon is not a good conductor. Interesting that someone suggested that the mainsail track is what is used as the conduit. The mast is keel stepped. So, maybe have an open path to the bottom of the keel. As far as professionals, X-Yachts is building the boat, they have engineers and technical staff to problem solve. They sell boats all over the world, SE Asia comes to mind, I will express my concerns and see what they say. We will be in Denmark in August as the build will be approximately 70% done. I will personally ask about lighting mitigation to the project
  9. Thank you! This is the anecdotal evidence I was vying for. Understood it’s a crap shoot. I just got off the phone with the CEO of EMP Solutions - Jay Kothari about their lighting mitigation system. $7000 for the orb and they have a $50,000 payout if you get struck. I’m sure that language is pretty complex.
  10. New X4.9 being built. Carbon rig. Full B&G H5000 Electronics. Home port Miami. Scary scenario, right? Anyone have any real data or anecdotal evidence for lighting mitigation? Ion Diffuser? Sertec CMCE Sytem, 4/0 AWG hanging off the side! I have contacted the ABYC (they set standards for boating industry). They have documentation on bonding minimums and lightning mitigation, E-11 and TE-4 respectively. Any insight or discussion would be appreciated. Thanks Capt. Ron
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