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  1. There is a good but small kayak/sailing shop that has Stohlquist but they do not have the Stohlquist Edge which is the version I am interested in. They could order one but said it would take ten to twelve business days.
  2. I agree with buying local when you can but I have not found anyone with a good sailing PFD inventory in this area.
  3. What are Laser guys wearing in the way of personal flotation? Thanks Mike
  4. I finally got all the bits and pieces put on my new to me Laser and took her out Saturday. It was a wonderful time that made me feel 30 years younger.
  5. Does anyone know anything about this boat? Thanks
  6. Mike J

    Laser 2

    Thanks Oz. Good stuff.
  7. Mike J

    Laser 2

    Thanks Oz Scout Sailor. Do you have any idea which years I should be cautious about buying?
  8. Mike J

    Laser 2

    The reason I would sail one while looking for the other is the one is readily available and the other is hard to find where I live. I just want to get on the water.
  9. Mike J

    Laser 2

    I’m having trouble finding a Raider near me and I’m trying to find something to get on the water with.
  10. Mike J

    Laser 2

    There is a Laser 2 for sale locally for $400. I know this boat is not being produced anymore and wondered if there is a source for parts. My interest is not great but just curious about parts availability and how much more difficult they are to rig vs a standard Laser. Can they be easily single-handed? Thanks ps. I still really want a Raider 16.
  11. MXRay in Pensacola craigslist. $1500
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