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  1. Unrelated to sailing, but my favorite example of this is how Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois is called that because that’s where the NW was 200 years ago ... (:-)
  2. Yes, cored decks and solid glass hull. The rudder is “wet” (I have another thread trying to figure out what to do about it) but foam inside, not wood and probably not “wet” enough to make a difference. There is indeed a Tartan Owners Group but there does not seem to be much traffic there and although they have dedicated groups for many Tartans, there is nothing for the 3000 which is the model I have.
  3. Crash, you make many valid points and raise interesting questions above: The boat is a 1981 model. I am the 3rd owner that I know of, but probably more than that. No way to know if the stripes are in original location or not. As I mentioned earlier, the boat has gotten lighter rather than heavier. Junk happens on both sides. A good cleaning / waxing is definitely on the roadmap before next season. The boat is moored in a marina (next to Merchant Marine Academy) where the water is usually agitated by passing boat wakes and such. It is an unpleasant patch of water to do
  4. Thanks Andy. That’s what I’m currently leaning towards. I’ll start cleaning the hull etc and see if hanging on to the thin stripe is worth the trouble.
  5. No issues — it’s definitely a good thought when it comes to this kind of stuff.
  6. Boat is VERY empty. No extra sails on board. No water in the holding tank. I took out the water heater because broken. I took out the stove, tank, cabin table because I don’t use them. I took out the hardwood head doors and replaced them w curtains. I cut my hair and trimmed my toenails (:-)
  7. Approx the bottom of the thicker stripe, right where the heaviest black gunk is. The boat is not loaded with supplies or other junk that would cause her to ride low in the water.
  8. New picture showing the bottom coat (Pettit Hydrocoat) after pressure washing compared to the boot stripe after pressure washing, some light scraping w a nylon scraper and more pressure washing. I hate doing it and if there isn’t a functional reason not to do so, I would like to extend the bottom coat to cover the boot stripe.
  9. Thank you all for the pointers and help in how to properly locate a boot stripe. Upon re-reading my original question, I find that I was not explicit enough about what I am looking to find out, namely: “Does a Boot Stripe serve any useful purpose or is it strictly cosmetic?”
  10. I hate how much effort it takes to clean the boot stripe (and the unpainted strip below it). What are the downsides of extending the bottom paint upwards to cover the boot stripe? If I decide to do this, I need to sand, primer and paint, yes? How do I handle the transition between primer and the existing bottom paint? Can I apply primer over the existing bottom paint?
  11. No ocean passages or intemperate weather. The worst would be Hell Gate which is .... not a great place to lose a rudder even if only 100 yards from dry land.
  12. Ummm ... that was a joke y’all (:-)
  13. Thank you. That’s a great idea! I will try this later today and will report results back here. I suspect that no more than 7 in 10 will bleed water, but there really is no substitute for empirical evidence!
  14. My 30-ft boat’s rudder had a very small hole in the trailing edge that leaked rusty water. I drilled holes in the side and bottom this spring and about 2 pints of water came out. Before splashing nothing felt wiggly or in any way compromised, but I don’t think this is a good item to take chances with. How do I know if dropping the rudder and taking it apart is required, or if I’m being premature and unnecessarily dainty about it?
  15. The bronze eye I added is definitely oversized just to hold a dainty little ring, but it’s PERFECT for being able to apply enough torque to tighten / loosen without having to resort to actual tools (:-)
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