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  1. I confess that I only used it on aluminum riv-nuts. My previous boat had wooden panels pop-riveted in place from the factory (w pretty, dainty SS ones). I had to take one off and my only choices to put it back were pop-rivets or riv-nuts and screws. I was quick to do and worked great.
  2. OMG! I had to replace a couple of broken hoses in my bilge drains last year. Supply chains were VERY disrupted, etc, but the only combination of hose and fittings that I could put together was the cheap corrugated stuff that I plan on replacing this fall. It was crazy holding different brands of hose & fittings in my hand that absolutely refused to go together no matter what we tried.
  3. This was the main sheet attachment to the traveler on my first boat (28-ft). The boom-side shackle looked similar. It was a low price, quick purchase w no survey and I had been sailing along happily for a few weeks when I finally noticed this (:-) Everything else was ok, I loved the boat and it was a good purchase, but this could have ruined my day in all sorts of bad ways ...
  4. Solution #2 for making a thread in the edge of a fiberglass panel etc is to use a thing called a RivNut (Rivet + Nut) that is basically a pop-rivet that is threaded. Compared to the inserts w threads on the outside that were mentioned previously, these are not as strong. They Also leave a ring the thickness of a washer on the surface and CANNOT be installed flush. They are therefore best for panels and thin FG, metal, wood panels rather for solid material where the double-thread inserts would be better. One advantage is that the hole they require is very small, and because it squeeze
  5. Congratulations on finding a solution. I only found this thread and my solutions are “a day late and $2 short” but maybe somebody else might find them useful. One issue with blind nuts like those is that it’s possible to knock them out when reinstalling the screw. If going into material 1/2” or thicker, my pic shows a thing called “All Thread Inserts.” They are a malleable plastic and come in a range of color-coded sizes for #2 to 1/4” screws. Drill a hole as per instructions and use CA glue (crazy glue) to glue the insert in place. Then screw in the screw which will cut its ow
  6. The clicking sound you hear MAY be one of the fuel pumps. Its just quiet enough that you might not notice it if you were not previously focusing on engine issues ...
  7. When people mentioned the Disco Ball Effect, I started to think of colors. My first thought was to try red because it would help preserve night vision, but then I realized that this might be very confusing if somebody mistakes it for a distant (because dim) nav light. So, yes, I think blue will look very nice, without causing offense and without creating any confusion.
  8. I don’t want to expand on this too much because we are on Fix-It Anarchy and NYC is pretty hard to fix (:-) but I’m on my 6th NYC mayor and was pretty ok more than 50% of them. Then again, I have the benefit of having lived under truly bad govt (abroad) so I have a certain dose of “sang froid” about what are reasonable expectations when mere mortals are trying to balance the competing interests of 8M people. Beyond that, I am not qualified to address your hatred of the Sox. I read Phil Mushnick every once-in-a-while and I still miss Thurman Munson, but otherwise, I try to ignore thi
  9. Thank you. Everybody seems to agree w this, so for right now I will leave the nav lights alone but look to replace them in time for next season.
  10. Thank you. They have nice flexible silicone channels too. For a tall person on a small boat this can be a lifesaver (:-)
  11. Not my intention at all. On the other hand, you raise a good point: for my purposes, red lights would do just as well as white and would not affect my (others’) night vision.
  12. I just figured it would help when walking around on deck while being more discreet than floodlights from the spreaders or similar. What I might try is to wrap the waterproof LED strips in that emergency electrical tape that bonds to itself when you stretch it. I agree about no zip ties. If this looks bad I’ll pull it off. See? Just like our mayor, I bring people together: EVERYBODY in NYC hates Bill DeBlasio, and (so far) EVERYBODY on SA hates my pulpit idea (:-)
  13. If I replace the current bulbs w equivalent LED bulbs, what would be awry? I’m not disputing your recommendation, just asking Why?
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