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I used to play a lot of World Of Tanks (I love tanks!) but Prolly the Clowns made the game where my favourite team The Germans didn't win! WRONG! So when my mum found me crying at the computer she spoke to dad and he blocked the ports for all online gaming. DAD!

Then I found out about reddit channels Where you can see Boobies, but my mum found Me crying again, so dad Blocked those ports too... UGH DAD!

After an incident involving The cat and a bucket of yoghurt I got Banned from Fortnight too, and another incident with the same Cat meant Pornhub got Blocked as well. Those Clowns! SAD! At this stage my dad had such a Set of crazy blocking Rules that I wound up only being able to access websites with the keyword "sailing" - I had hoped it was another RedTube Genre... :-( MUM! 

So despite being Landlocked I found the AC and the VOR and SA! Except the people there didn't seem to want to join my Team again - its just like World Of Tanks again!!! And they don't appear to like the types of conversations I was having on 4chan (before that bloody Prolly got blocked too!) I HATE YOU DAD!

Then I found this old guy called Tom Eh? Man? (I will still searching for boobs!) and if I watch his podcasts I can write down what he says and being think I'm thinking for myself and speaking with some knowledge. It only works for a few posts though... 

Still... cat's still alive, so there's that... where's the yoplait

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