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  1. ROLFL! These are so the funniest! Do you Have any more crash photos we can see? Boats, airplanes, cars?
  2. HAHAHA I Agrees Car Crashes jokes is so funny Smack!! LOL ROFL :-D Those prolly Clowns!
  3. WAT ARE YOU ABOUT .I Click THE like!?
  5. Can't answer the basic questions, claims his Prolly ignorance, but accuses other of ignorance... HAHAHAHAHAAHA! The Prolly Clount!
  6. Oh my dear Fucking Dumb Boomer! I wonder when you will learn how the internets work! It's no wonder you Still think your iPAD is the magic! When the prolly trump clown LE lost the AC he killed the facebook page! The current AC page was created from in June 2018 from fresh and had to gather those fans since then! Those 400k followers came in just a few short years without any even events! What prollies! Guess what the alsos happened midway through 2018??!?! YOU WILL NEVER!??? OK! And After so much exciting events and so much sponsored content they are st
  7. NO is my Fave sailor - he is one Top Bloke - except sadly he is married to the daughter of an ETNZer so he Is the Prolly Clown now! Still best not to forgetting his full name is Nathan "I'd jump to AC in a heartbeat if an opportunity came up" Outteridge - or so he says Publically! https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2019/07/16/sitting-down-with-nathan-outteridge/
  8. 100% amazing Work @smackdaddy! - and now I have discovered something else We are both the Biggest Fans of - fantasy fiction! Great work to not try to argue with that Prolly Clown @MR.CLEAN about media and sponsorship industry given he has much wider expertise. I 100% agree with you that he prolly not know that much about mobile stuff (the Snark!) - So it was so much Clever technique to try and imply his quoting a stat has something to do with the opensource! Do you think he will realises that Google's Android just has an open source core with closed proprietary systems Running on th
  9. 100% agree this chart Junk is soooooo awesome! I MEAN 75% REDUCTION IN FOOD WASTE!!!!! I am redefined! Most impressive to me is that with 138,254 app downloads! I see prolly clown Android app reports just 5,000 installs - which means iOS makes up the other 133,000! thats a ratio of 266 : 1 - my believe it snarks!!!
  10. I agree 100% people sure do like to watch you take your Medicine! it is like Watching a runt get mauled by a pack of WildCats - If only FailGP was Half as interesting as you sideshow! Enjoy the Strudels! :-D
  11. I 100% agree! It changed 2 Years and 3 months ago! At least to the prolly Clowns who knew shit about shit https://livesaildie.com/elise-beavis-etnz-performance-engineer/
  12. Wow mobs! This game looks fun! I'd love to Play to with this! Here is my question OK! What is your favourite sailing league?! OKOK!!. I'll give you hint... it Start with an S! Everyone please Respond with your answer and we'll be able to talk more! Even with the likes! Tomorrow I will ask a new question - how many days since Cowes! Keep the great content coming! :-D But NO Girls! They scare me!
  13. 100% Agree! Everyone, as long as they are in Australia, US, UK or France.... no Germany though! SAD!
  14. Hah! That really is a Great joke! So Clever! Well done! Mum would be so proud!
  15. I love how Tom Ehman says Stuff! He is just like me - an prolly Outcast who knows nothing and struggles to even get near people because they see him coming and run the other way! What a snark they are those people!! I love how in the absence of access to any information he just works from rumors and half-truths that people have fed him for a laugh and so that he'd leave them the fuck alone! I love how we scoff at others living in the past, yet we get our information from a geriatric old toad who acts like he's suffering from early onset alzheimers! Sad!
  16. It's nice to Know that TC likes it when I blame the Italian prolly Clowns! It's just the Kiwi snarks we don't want dare suggesting it wasn't ETNZ's fault! I Love us!
  17. I 100% agree with me too! This forum is great! It's just the three...errr.. I Mean two of Us spoonfeeding each other video clips and soundbites like the warm diarrhoea that it is! Remember that time that one foolish guy tried to point out how our claim that this is like F1 wasn't very accurate! We Sure Told That Prolly Clown! We meant both 'race'! Duh! And there was that @NeedAClew lass that was actually interested in discussing SGP, but we told her to stay away! There's no way we'd want the fan count for SGP to be higher than us thr.... TWO! I love you smack! How so easily impr
  18. I Can't Wait for your Tshirt Series to be available - these Official Slogans are Prolly great! Please Make sure You have them in Clown Kids sizes
  19. Oh Terry! What smackedbydaddy meant by saying "F1" was that they are both 'racing' see? Not anything else... for instance... he actually meant to say 'Hot dog eating competition'... Because that is racing Too! and you decided to discuss detail with Him!? How prolly foolish!
  20. 100% agreed! These Prolly Mob Clowns! I'm so glad They haven't Immigrated to Augsburg!
  21. If you like to laugh, check out this Clown! Comments are Prolly Good Too! ;-) Name rings a bell?
  22. To be fair I did Also Say it would Snow in Fukuoka during the VOR! So you should know I don't Have Prolly clues. SAD!
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