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  1. I kind of forgot where I was. I would not bother trying to store wheat berries or dry corn on a cruising boat unless that is the kind of stuff you eat at home. When I left on my two year cruising voyage (decades ago) we brought lots of canned food and pasta and rice. In the go bag we had a some less palatable stuff (cliff bars or something like that... maybe powerbars... never eaten and eventually discarded). Some of the canned food was meal worthy (chunky beef soup). That over rice is pretty good. White rice keeps for a long time. So does dry pasta. Other canned food was more like a light lun
  2. Well, for some definition of "last" this is true. But it will definitely not be anywhere near as good as a week or so after it was roasted.
  3. Just to be clear, whole wheat FLOUR will not keep even for one year. The oil goes rancid giving it a bitter taste after maybe 6 months. I am referring to the whole wheat berries. I am not sure how long corn meal lasts, but the whole kernels of corn (corn seed) last for many, many years. I had excellent yields growing corn even after about 7 years of storage. There are ways to eat wheat berries and whole corn kernels. You can look into it.
  4. There are two different CE's. One is the european CE (Conformité Européen) and the other is the Chinese CE (China Export). The logos are slightly different. https://www.qima.com/eu-compliance-requirements/ce-marking-vs-china-export So sure, the Chinese CE is a joke. Is the European CE also a joke?
  5. I have corn and spelt in my pantry that has been there for years. No weevils. But I have had bags of flower with some type of "mealy worms" in them. Worth researching how to control them, though.
  6. Whole corn and whole wheat or spelt can keep for several years under favorable conditions. Moisture will cause them to sprout and/or rot, though. I have been able to sprout and grow corn and spelt that is several years old. Since they are viable, I am sure they are also edible. I am not sure how you could reliably keep them dry on a boat. Maybe vacuum bag them with desiccant packs inside.
  7. I feel like boats with solid vangs (aka kickers) really don't need a traveler. You can put the boom wherever you want it using the sheet and vang. Even without a solid vang, I guess you could crank on the topping lift if the wind was really light and you wanted to twist the main.
  8. There have been threads about cruising in a J/120 or J/130. But not recently. The J/120's are getting a bit older. Do you still think a good specimen is safe and seaworthy to take cruising far from shore? Too far for helicopter rescue? I guess what is giving me pause is the sump problems some boats had. But there is also the recent problems with Jameerah. I really don't want something like that to happen to me! Do you lump that in with "sump issues on low hull numbers" or is it something different? I also know that there were a lot of J/120's made, and they tend to actually get saile
  9. I actually agree with you. That is why I attempted to share my experience (such as it is) in driving a long keeled sailboat under power in an earlier comment. But the kedge comment got me thinking about all the different ways to propel a boat. And I couldn't resist piling on with the fan boat comment. I have nothing but good wishes for the OP, though.
  10. Or he could add fan drive on the stern.
  11. I used to have a Freya 39. It is not quite a full keel boat. They call it full keel with cutaway forefoot. It is probably a bit more maneuverable than a westsail 32. It had little or no prop-walk. What I learned about that boat is that the rudder was not effective in reverse at low speed. I also noticed that when backing, the boat would always try to turn so that stern was into the wind. In other words, the bow would always rotate to point downwind. Actually all sailboats do this. But when the wind direction is favorable, you can use this. Just back out into the fairway, kill your mo
  12. If only there were some way to harness the power of the wind to propel ships. But I am sure no such technology has ever been invented and nobody in this forum would know anything about that.
  13. Transportation by air and boat is not anywhere near ready to be battery powered. Quite a bit of oil (or fuel refined from oil) is burned in modes of transportation which cannot be battery powered any time soon.
  14. Just out of curiosity, is it confirmed that Jameerah's is one of the affected hull numbers, and that it was never reworked appropriately?
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