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  1. Way things are going, you may pay more for the shipping container than the boat. https://fbx.freightos.com/
  2. I haven't really kept up, but it used to be that most liferafts were ballasted (specifically to reduce wind drift, I think). Is that no longer the case?
  3. You are doing great. Its going to be a great trip. And I just want to send some validation your way. I am not super experienced but I did somehow make it across the pacific ocean from california to australia (via many stops in nice tropical places) many years ago. I had two anchors but only needed one except once I had to anchor fore and aft in a crowded harbor, and once I had to set an anchor with the dinghy after running aground during a rapidly falling tide. There was no question of kedging off. We had to wait until we re-floated then just reeled in the rode until we were in deeper water. I
  4. One scenario for losing an anchor is if you are in an anchorage with deteriorating conditions and have to move urgently, but the anchor is fouled and you are forced to abandon it. May not be likely but it could happen.
  5. Isn't it really hard to quiet a rotor, though? Even if the motor is nearly silent, won't the rotor be loud?
  6. Do you need emergency rudder or tiller for your trip? I am not sure where you are leaving from. If it is coastal then maybe it is not considered necessary. Or if your rudder is secured to a full-length keel (but then an emergency tiller might still be a good idea). Did you make sure all the seacocks open and close? And place bungs near each through-hole? You can double-check all the hose clamps while you are doing that. Sounds like you checked the bilge pumps which is good.
  7. Once a wise person said to me "one does not make oneself bigger by belittling others." "If anything, the opposite is true." It was apropos at the time. I have been making an effort ever since. Not always successful.
  8. I realize you may be joking. Hard to tell with so little context. But in case you are not, I am pretty sure CA = cruising anarchy, not California (and also not Canada). If you WERE joking, well, then good one! Haha! So funny.
  9. Just saw an ad for a bear for sale. Not sure if that is fair game here. Not exactly a cruising boat, but there is (or used to be) a dedicated fleet on San Francisco bay. The fact that it says "boat for sale" and not "bear for sale" makes me wonder if this person bought it for the slip and doesn't really know what it is. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/d/alameda-24-sailboat/7326203543.html
  10. So far, every boat I have seen for sale that was described as having "good bones" was one that had extensive deferred maintenance and cleaning.
  11. I saw a boat listed with Bill Lee as the contact (it was a Dehler). Point being that the ad has his phone number. I didn't know he was still selling boats. I thought he was retired. But I live in Santa Cruz. Do you think Bill Lee would be upset if I called him to ask him about the boat that started this thread? It is the Santa Cruz 50 originally called "Flank Speed" and now called "Main Squeeze." Hull number 18. I thought I would ask him if he recollects anything about that boat in particular, and also his thoughts on how one would evaluate and/or repair a SC 50 with blisters. I definitel
  12. I haven't gone to look at the boat. But it also has not gone pending again yet. I don't think I am realistically in a position to offer right now. I still like the idea of a santa cruz 50. I sent the yachworld link to my wife. She just said what money would you use to buy it? And it is true. I could write a check for 70k but then my balance would be zero. So now I am just fantasizing about what I would rename it to. I don't like the name "Main Squeeze." The original name was "Flank Speed." That is OK, I guess. My first idea is "Dark Rosaleen." Second idea is "Dawn Patrol." But realistically, I
  13. It can be dangerous if you do a lot of stupid stuff, or if you are into serious offshore racing, for example. But daysailing with friends is pretty safe if you just make sure you take a few precautions (life jackets, radios, check the weather forecast and tide tables before you go out). I wouldn't worry so much about the danger. You should find out if you actually like it. The idea of sailing and the reality of sailing, sometimes, are very different.
  14. Yes. I bought old panels for my home because my system is ground mount and I have space for it. But I would not put old panels on a boat because you want high power density in the limited space available.
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