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  1. Technically, all Class Rule changes occur overnight: on the night of the ballot deadline. Otherwise, all rule changes take months or even years, if they involve parts or systems development. The "Laser 2000" system changes were no exception. My recollection is also that "most of us cheered" (especially the women Laserites who continuously injured their wrists trying to deal with that vang jam-cleat)", but there were complaints, too. Some complaints were at the philosophical level (à la "Real men sail real Lasers" kind) while some others were at a technical level, either doubting the desig
  2. It will be the third time I will voice this idea, but... It is ultimately against WS Olympic Equipment Policy to restrict an Olympic Equipment dealer to supply equipment manufactured by only a single authorized producer. I believe this is the reason why the WS policies and strategies explicitly refer to not only "manufacturers and producers" but also suppliers in their discussions of the application of the so-called FRAND terms.
  3. In order of importance, I'd say: Lighter rig, and hence 150,000 new potential light weight Far Eastern sailors who cannot currently handle the 4.7, 4.7 no longer under-powered and unbalanced (CoE) in light airs (whenever not block-to-block), Avoidance of block-to-block trimming and excessive vang loads, hence longer sail (and mast) life, Instead of replacing the upper mast every year, masts that remain competitive (reportedly) for 3-4 years. Mylar full-batten sails that keep their shapes much longer.
  4. The section that defines the term "The Builders" is the clause 1.3.a that forces PSA, PSJ and LP, the parties currently involved in the LCMA, to grant licenses to any interested and qualified party for the use of the LCM. Until LP is no longer a part of the LCMA, this clause had to mention and force LP, too. The assessment panel is defined in clause 2. There, the panel is defined as composed of "representatives of The Builders, ILCA and World Sailing (and independent experts if deemed necessary)." In this clause, the term "The Builders" is not re-defined. The earlier definition in clause
  5. That's probably the universal truth. But that's also the reason why the individual sailor does not personally understand and experience the role of the Class Association on the water, on a daily basis. Not caring about whether class-legal parts are used in inter-club, local racing is part of the reason why all of the Laser sailors do not have an interest in joining the Class. Currently, joining the Class does not affect the grassroots or club sailor who uses Intensity sails, OptiParts deck cleat bases, etc. However, joining the class and having a vote would allow them to have a voice in s
  6. Thanks for the clarification of your reasoning, Bruce. Let's have Chip buy Rastegar's LP back!
  7. Could you expand on this, please, Bruce? Not even as a "New Builder" applying to ILCA for approval? Not even when Tracy says, "If LP can't qualify, then nobody can"? Not even when "FRAND" requires non-discriminatory decision making?
  8. Sorry, Wess, but no, I will not. I wouldn't recognizing them if IRRs came over and bit my ass. I dislike finance and accounting. Nor would I claim any expertise in bullshit concepts of general Management like "business models". Not my area. Not Tracy's, either. We all know that the more we learn, the more we have to learn.
  9. You can't presume that he did not get it, @bill4! He does this "accept and then question" thing frequently. And often, people cannot answer him back.
  10. The above is something that I said. I think Sosoomii interpreted the above as a claim that "the use of the term 'business model' was started by the 'NO' group." (This would explain his reactions.) Whereas what I meant to say (and what I do say above) was that "the indiscriminate use of this term confused me starting with the references to it by the NO faction." The obvious difference in meaning would of course escape those who don't value "pedantry". So, there is no "countering of misinformation" here. What you unfortunately endured here is probably attributable to a mere inabi
  11. Sosoomii, who cares where the term came from? I'm just pointing out that the use of that term here always threw me off balance (as a Professor of Management). I did not understand how the options we voted on were forcing the Builders to change their "business models". I still don't. I don't understand why you are making such a big deal out of this, except maybe just out of spite.
  12. :)))) (For the first sentence.) In my mind, monopoly, oligopoly, perfect competition, etc. are not "business models". They are never listed as "business models" in the literature, either. Business models involve strategic choices that are made. You cannot chose to be a monopoly, etc. Your status (market share) is always dictated and affected by outside factors (government, regulatory agencies, competitors, technological development, etc.)
  13. Sure. ILCA includes all its members, too. However, we members are not the ones directly responsible for the "absence of such membership benefits information" in a majority of ILCA districts. In a Districts which already has a class association, it is the officers of that local class association who are directly responsible. On the other hand, in those districts where a class association does not even exist, it is the officers of the International class association and the World Council who are responsible for letting such districts operate without a Laser class association. As members, we
  14. My point was: The "Business model" term used by most of us here on this thread is NOT what is known as a "business model". Starting with the references by the "NO" faction during the past month to "forcing LP to change its business model"', the indiscriminate use of this term has always confused me. "A Business Model is a conceptual structure that explains the viability of a product or company and explains how the company operates, makes money, and how it intends to achieve its goals. All the business processes and policies that a company adopts and follows are part of the business m
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