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  1. Kelly - I had a similar problem with my UFO, except I wasn't able to get it back to the third. The issue for me was that the strut was hitting the lower cutout in the hull. I'd check to see if this is what is preventing you from getting it into place. If so, my solution was to put some adhesive backed sandpaper on the strut and then used it to sand the opening bigger - and to the right shape - to let the strut get to where it needed to be. The sandpapered strut worked way better than files or sanding blocks and made fairly quick work of things. Hopefully this helps. Good luck and sor
  2. Thank you for all the information on tacking! I had roughly 30hrs on my rebuilt beachcat before I got the UFO so I'm a bit green on my sailing experience and greatly appreciate the input guys. I do keep a copy of the unofficial guide (thank you Martin) in my car when I go out for reference but I'd forgotten that it had some tacking information. The really detailed tutorial Dave linked me to is also extremely helpful. It sounds like I had a couple things I was going wrong, including in sheeting in too quickly (thank you Doug). If I was moving and making a tack I usually did pretty good. W
  3. Thank you for all input guys. It is very much appreciated. I’ve always been a go for broke kind of guy and sometimes I do tread on that line of having a pair to missing a brain… But I usually have a solid rescue plan and I’ve spent my fair time in cold water up here in my kayak with lots of roll practice in ice cold water. So I’m not a stranger to cold water, but that doesn’t mean my sanity can’t be called into question either I reckon. I got out on the water yesterday and generally had a blast. I still feel like the tiller catches more stuff than it would being a little shorte
  4. I don't have any great pictures to share but two weeks ago I did get the UFO back in the water for the first time of the year. Beautiful sunny day, 42-45 deg. F air temp and the snowline about 500ft elevation above the lake. I can say with 100% certainty that I really like my drysuit, particularly while I was walking the boat out 200yds through the shallows to get deep enough to sail. The wind was spotty at best but it was good to get it wet and continue to familiarize myself with the boat. Didn't get it on the foils but the wind was less than cooperative. Maybe next time. After sail
  5. Champlain - Thank you for such a good description and explanation of the usual 'crash' mode. It gives me a bit of hope and helped drive my decision. Thus far I've crashed three times and had to right it three times so I think I've been assuming I'd be swimming a lot more. What you had to say was very helpful and will be helpful for any potential UFO'er who's trying to understand how bad it's going to be to learn. Martin - As always, thank you for your input as well. With what you guys had to say I feel comfortable that later in the year my 3mm bottoms and a dry top will work but f
  6. Before I get to my main question I wanted to say thank you everyone for the videos all winter long! I've been exceedingly jealous watching everyone sail while watching the snow and ice melt outside so I can even get to the lake. All the videos and information have kept me excited and anxious. So thank you! Anyhow, back to what I'd like to ask. I apologize as this is a 'newbie' question and I've researched the heck of it but I wanted to get the take of actual UFO sailors for your opinion. Kokatat drysuit or Kihk superwarm wetsuit? Water temps will be between 45 and 60 deg. F u
  7. I've had good experience with the ClickBond products over the years as long as the surface prep is done right and the CB200 adhesive is still in date. That said, most airframe mechanics have a lot of experience re-applying them as they can get loose over time and come off. ClickBond will say it was due to bad surface prep, and I think they are largely correct. I've designed in some studs that I know get done right and they've held up to a lot of abuse in cargo areas. I don't know how much weight and how you're attaching it could be straining the stud some but I'd say go for it. Definitely
  8. Agreed, take your time and get feeling better. Shoulders suck to have to work on twice... I don't have a Zhik but I've really enjoyed my whitewater kayaking vest - it's a Wilderness Systems. Kind of silly to state, but, I'd see if you can try a few on before you get it purchased to make sure it fits your build well. I know that's tough when you're asking for a gift. Having been in many different kayaking PFD's, they don't all fit the same... FWIW, I'm asking for a GoPro Hero 5 so I can have documentation of the adventures out.
  9. Thank you for the information and videos Martin. It's greatly appreciated. I'm planning on making it through the winter watching videos and thinking of warm weather. It's currently 41 degrees out, though sunny and windy, but the water is around 45... I think it might be a bit much at this point for me to be out learning. So yes, thank you again for the info and I'm loving the videos!
  10. Martin - For straightening I have used my bench vise with smooth jaws to clamp it, rotate, clamp, rotate, clamp. It's not as fast as the drill method I suppose but it works pretty well. I have noticed the rod is susceptible to easy handling damage as well. I would avoid the heating method due to the potential to anneal it. I'm not sure what grade/temper of stainless Fulcrum is using. If you were to heat it to straighten it I would probably reheat it, after it's straight, and then quench it to put some hardness back into it. I would also watch for any cracks in the strut if you're moving
  11. Martin - Thank you for updating the guide document. I am glad to hear I wasn't the only one with a couple questions and the updates you made should keep it very clear. With regards to the ratchet block, I didn't use it on my outing. I like the idea of being able to feel everything the sail is doing and have a better shot at quickly dumping it if needed. The only time I cleat my main sheet on my VC15 is if the wind is low or I facing downwind adjusting something and don't want to get hit by the boom. That said, I assumed I just wasn't a skilled enough sailor to fully appreciate such a
  12. 2) I can see shouldering the wishbone working for some people. I rig on the trailer since I'm launching from a boat ramp so I'm standing on the boat while securing the outhaul so if I shouldering the wishbone it makes it too high. But it's a good tip for others for sure. 4) That makes sense and I'll try that. I've got a size 14 foot so I get a little nervous cramming it into tight places where ropes are. I used to do some climbing so the idea of intentionally stepping on/near ropes feels a little wrong but I guess the shrouds are considered a wear item anyhow that gets inspected and r
  13. Andy - When I purchased my UFO from Fulcrum Kirk asked me if I wanted the smaller 'kid' sail. I'm not sure if it's small enough to allow for big wind use but I do know they have a smaller sail sorted out now. Maybe Dave or Nick will chime in here. Martin - My thoughts are: 1) Some additional close up pictures of the outhaul and cunningham rigging would be helpful. The youtube videos are nice but some close up pictures to help the sailing newbies would confirm how to do. I know this seems elementary but it would just help the 'crap I just spent $9k on a boat (shipping and accessories
  14. Gentleman, Thank you all for the input and advice. I have been using velcro strips instead of bungees and I'll move to the wand crane for the paddle next time for sure. It's also good to know that the 40kg can be hit without breaking things or being right on the edge of breaking things. I'll setup the mast this week on sawhorses and check all my lengths and adjust the knots as need be. I'll also give the tacking and out of the iron tricks a shot too - thank you. I have a printed copy of the Unofficial Owners Guide and it is extremely helpful. There's some small items tha
  15. Yesterday hull 263 went for it's maiden voyage in lake Pend Oreille, and it was wet, cold, at times frustrating, and also very awesome! There were some delays in getting it from the Fulcrum team and some shipper issues (outside the control of Fulcrum) but it got here this week and yesterday it got wet. I do want to officially thank the entire Fulcrum team for the support and communication through the build process. I don't have any pictures right now because the pocket in my dry top that I thought was sealed was not and after a few swims my phone is now dead... But it was the only ca
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