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  1. “Coachee”? Not even close. The dude makes some hilarious videos. Sense of humor? You must be a woke white person.
  2. Remembering the good old days on the road. Here’s to the next generation. May they enjoy same freedom I had!
  3. It might be time to post a reading list and syllabus outlining the history and development of political philosophy. People should really take the time to educate themselves beyond the level of the nightly news.
  4. This is hilarious. Attention SA thought police!
  5. More comedy therapeutics.... no threats, just fatherly advice for you Antifa kids.
  6. Who gives a fuck about Dartmouth. So called higher education in this country went to shit decades ago. They are cesspools of intersectional propaganda masquerading as rigorous thought. Especially in the poison Ivy League. Did you waste daddy’s money stuffing your head with that crap. You sound like a trust fund revolutionary. Will you be at the barricades with your comrades? Or are you just a keyboard warrior? You little punks are playing a dangerous game with grown men who know what a street fight is. You’re better off staying in your safe space. Now fuck off you pathetic little bitch.
  7. Perfect! You little punks are wasting time. Shouldn’t you be out rioting and assaulting people on the streets. But when the tables are turned you cry like little bitches! Go fuck yourself you little punk ass bitch!
  8. These snowflakes are confused and easily offended. Toxicity is their trade. When in Rome.....
  9. Yes the recent developments have been good news for us.
  10. The big dog editor is wagging his little marxist finger! Typical candy ass lefty. He’s probably ANTIFA.
  11. Are you punk ass statists still crying about this Covid bullshit? Shouldn’t you bitches be out burning down minority owned businesses in the name of racial justice? Get a fucking life losers.
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