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  1. I'm a huge wx dork and I've thought about starting a wx thread here a few times. Not sure I would have started with asperitas, but they're definitely eye-catching. Kinda like mammatus. Cirrus are the real money clouds though, IMO. Endlessly useful, and spectacular too in the right conditions. Hell, in most conditions.
  2. GFS for 18z tomorrow (11am Pacific). Could be a slow-ish first day coming out of the Gate, then off to the races: Good thing the race doesn't start next Saturday, the map just looks ugly:
  3. Sailing adjacent: https://www.sfchronicle.com/culture/travel/article/Marin-kayaker-embarks-on-risky-journey-to-Hawaii-16211812.php#photo-21050913 Highlights: 60 to 70 days solo, no support craft 23' custom carbon kayak Godspeed dude.
  4. There was a pretty good discussion on unstayed masts in the "Desirable Characteristics" thread on Cruising Anarchy. It's been something that always appealed to me. As far as the internal helm, I have no idea. I've seen a few different versions on the F39PH. Seems like a lot of owners did switch over to autohelm control, but I've also seen 'em with the original steering linkage preserved. I'm not sure how that original system worked though; what I do know is that the station was installed well to starboard, which could make visibility interesting when on the port tack.
  5. The Freedom 39 PH [here on yachtworld for reference, here on sailboatdata for further reference] is a pretty neat design. I went to look at one for sale in Annapolis a few years ago and would have gone for it if I coulda figured out how to get it to the NA West Coast. Offset companionway is instadeath for sure though :-D
  6. Must be nice living in a world where a 36 year old incomplete 24' full keel boat is worth $10k. I'm surprised there isn't a "golden investment opportunity" line...
  7. Adding a low tech layer for tracking this year:
  8. Potentially dumb question: What's the fishbowl thing to port of the hatch?
  9. Update #2: Los Angeles Times Article: Stunning DDT dump site off L.A. coast much bigger than scientists expected. I'm half-shocked, and half completely unsurprised. The maps in the article also show the boundary of state waters that I referenced earlier.
  10. Update: Assembly Joint Resolution 2 (if it passes through the state legislature) would request that Congress and the US EPA take "all measures necessary" to prevent further damage by DDT waste dumped in Santa Catalina Channel. Unfortunately, this is about the most that the State will be able to do because of the location. Just thought that folks here might be interested about whats going on here. As of this post, I am listening to the Assembly Committee Hearing on the resolution.
  11. Not a sailor (still wannabe) but an amateur weather nerd: At a basic level, 500mb is higher up in the atmo and a lot of the weird "ground effect" smaller details smooth out into a larger synoptic scale pattern that is easier to read. 850mb is kind of a halfway point between surface and upper atmo dynamics. The way I read weather maps is: What will the weather look/feel like at a location? -> use surface level (usually labeled MSLP or "mean surface level pressure") up to 850mb maps. How will the weather change/what direction is a weather system moving -> use 500mb maps
  12. I work at a state agency that got a lot of calls on this when it came out. Seems like the interest died down quite a bit since then. One significant issue with this mess is that it is outside "state waters". State jurisdiction for things like environmental protection has a hard stop at three miles; outside that coastal zone it's all FedCo's responsibility. And when this story came out last October, that particular administration's folks didn't have much interest. I run across that three mile limit all the time and it's frustrating because 3 miles is nothing in terms of pollutan
  13. If that were on the West Coast, I would be taking a very close look...
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