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  1. Wow theres a lot to make fun of with that boat.. Apparently she's only 13 years old so if its made of fancy brazillian hardwood there might be hope.. but probably its toredo infested.. my wooden boat is 51yo and she doesnt leak a drop.. also there doesnt seem to be a keel? and the whole thing is bending significantly being hauled out? Then theres the guy with his legs on either side of the cable.. i mean they might be able to get her tight enough to not sink at anchor.. but dear god dont go sailing in that thing! "we need to clean the rudder, so we have a better sliding movement in the wa
  2. I know a ferro that was build from a Bill Garden design, a ketch around 50' or so. of course theres a newbie on it, so it gets a new hole every time he comes into the dock.. complete pos boat
  3. Up here in northern BC I've had my prop tied up tight with bull kelp, just from sailing through a patch in the dark, on a full keel boat. I cant imagine what that would be like with a bulb keel, probably just collects until youre going nowhere.. Then theres those logs that stop you dead from 6 knots, i wonder how a modern boat would hold up, especially because it would probably be doing 8kts or more
  4. True, I just figured if I'm already having someone fabricating it, might as well spend the extra 20 or so bucks on materials to make it last forever (or as long as the engine anyways)
  5. ^This. Indefinitely, without a smokeshow. Anything else and youre gonna start breaking stuff right when its most inconvenient, while trying to make those last couple miles to harbour against 30 knots and a steep sea..
  6. I'd suggest taking your old elbow to your local machine shop and have them make one out of stainless, I had mine made for $100 3 years and over 1000 hours ago and its been working like a charm with no corrosion. The originals always seem to rust out quickly, especially if the boat sits for long periods. I've seen it a few times, one of which was a 10 year old yanmar..
  7. Obviously you can just stack them.. Seriously though, i thought unimpaired motor vessels always have to make room for vessels under sail. Or is that unAmerican?
  8. "The pointy end goes forward!" Oh wait..
  9. This place is great, so much information! Thanks guys! Damn how have I not thought of this? Sell a complete junker for way too much money and then get paid fixing it. What a business model.. Thanks that's what I wanted to know! I like chicks and rum so I really wouldn't want the rig to fall on them either. I realize that to make the boat truly seaworthy everything will need an overhaul. The rod I can probably replace with wire for about the cost of the wire, which is still bad enough, that's why I was wondering. Oh yeah and the fanciest galvi turnbuckles.. in gener
  10. but i suppose that could be made more manageable by reducing sail a bit, no?
  11. Hi Sloop and 12, thanks, this is some great info. The current owner says shes foam core all the way, and theres also a sample from when a previous owner put in an extra thru hull or something. The R30 has 20hp and it seems in okay condition. No parts to be had for it though.. Its an old ad, i just used it for the pictures, the new owner is a friend of a friend and the price is a lot better.. Weeell ive seen the sails, theyre just regular dacron and probalby pretty old but they clearly havent seen much use, just been sitting in bags forever. Frankly a lot
  12. I have a chance of buying a Peterson 35 build after his one-tonner Ganbare ((?)see below) for quite the deal, considered shes on the verge of being part of the zombie fleet. Full suit of sails in near new condition, running ancient Faryman V2 (what evs, wouldnt be my first engine swap..), solid decks, clean bilges, couple of little leaks in the toerail, apparently good stringers. So far so good. But heres the catch(es). 1. Do these old IOR girls make good cruising boats? Id be planning on being able to singlehand her, with furler, inner stay, autopilot and maybe a windvane, and genera
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