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  1. What would you expect from a Rapido 60 or a TS5?
  2. I guess that M&M/Rapido completely underestimated the size/complexity of the folding system. There are good reasons why Dragonfly’s swing wing system is really strong and heavy and the waterstays are critical to deal with the huge forces involved.
  3. Board and Veeg both are right Light performance Catamaran = easy to seriously mess up (e.g. in a squall) Trimaran (today all of them are performance oriented) = very safe in (almost) all conditions
  4. One of the few trustworthy sources for realistic displacement figures is the OMR Rating System (all tanks empty and boat in racing trim): Romanza - Rapido 60 - D Love / J Knowles - 10,087 kg Rapido - Rapido 60 - Richard Eyre - 9,934 kg After the folding system of the Rapido 50 adds extra weight my guess would be a measured 'OMR weight' of around 7,500 kg.
  5. Check out YouTube videos, boat tests etc. and you‘ll find (almost) always that BSP is significantly higher than SOG. It takes me 10 sec ‚recalibrating‘ my B&G to show an ‚optimized‘ BSP. :-) What is the motivation for a boat owner / sales man / broker to show a correct (smaller) BSP? Have you ever been on a (non professional racing) yacht with correctly calibrated electronics?
  6. I would love to understand the background of this excident. Anybody heard anything?
  7. https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/207099/building-the-awesome-black-marlin
  8. Lot of super stars around here. Talking polars, let me ask a stupid question: How good is your autopilot doing in light air <6kn?
  9. This "condotri" can still do 15-20kn with ease but the price you pay is a mighty rig, heavy loads, electric winches etc.
  10. I installed the Yacht Devices - Voyage Recorder -> convert the native data into Excel format (download converter from website) and do the analysis using standard Excel features.
  11. I fully agree with your evaluation of Outremer's manufacturing practices but I think we need to separate between "best practices" for charter vs. performance vs. high end (e.g. gunboat) designs. The buyers of Gunboats/HH are willing to pay for the best of the "best practices". The more interesting question for the "normal" people is: What are the mandatory practices (no cutting corners) to be expected from a performance catamaran builder and what are important (performance) indicators to assess the final product? e.g. cruising weight, weight distribution, polars, quality of constructio
  12. I think the ARC 2020 was interesting in this regard i.e. the TS5 and Neel47: Neel 47 was flying a kite (parasailor) 100% of the time, no other sails up, and following the rumb line -> autopilot in true wind mode TS5 had a gennaker up 100% of the time and sailing the angles -> autopilot in apparent wind mode ... and really fast
  13. Correct: ARC from Gran Canaria (2700nm) and ARC+ from Cap Verde (2150nm).
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