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  1. ? Not that hard. 500 to 600 nm. It's one time a year thing.
  2. That would be the sunfast 3600. but not what I'm looking for, at the moment at least
  3. yeap, those are exactly my thougths. I'd like to see if there are other options; the Sly 42 is similar in specs (no so aggressive) and boat shape and overall design but I've never seen them doing regattas and I'd like to see if someone has some experience with them.
  4. Europe, Spain. Maybe some regattas in the UK
  5. 10 to 20% (max) of the boat value. it really depends on the amount of regattas We'll put in it. This is in the optics of owning a competitive boat to race local regattas and once or twice a year do something different. A boat we can push but also one were We can spend some time aboard, not 100% regatta focused.
  6. I'm looking for a racer / cruiser with CAT A 8+ people to race in ORCi Class B (CDL under 11,6) with asymmetric option. Best options I've looked into were Club Swan 42, Sly 42 and MAT 12. Any suggestions? Budget: 200k would be nice.
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