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  1. Thanks @Zonker et al. Didn't know about the windstats section on windfinder. We may end up in Portland....then windsurfing in Hood River and the occaisional charter in the San Juans seems pretty convenient. Decisions decisions...
  2. My wife and I are considering moving from San Francisco to Bellingham, WA. Wondering if anybody has any insights on average wind conditions throughout the year. How often does in blow at least 15kts in the spring/summer/fall? Seems like it's pretty flat except when systems roll through, but I'm not sure. Would be excited to have such close access to the San Juans. But beyond cruising I'd also like to keep up with windsurfing and wing foiling. Hence the concerns about not enough wind. Thanks!
  3. Can anybody report on their experience using the Raymarine EV-100 Autopilot course computer and display unit combined with a Pelagic actuator? I'm guessing that the brains of the EV-100 and the brains of the complete Pelagic system aren't too too different, but I like the features and look of the EV-100 (it will sail to True Wind whereas the Pelagic will not). The rudder on my Cal 36 is a balanced spade, but it's no sportboat and takes some effort to move it. So I thought the Pelagic actuator might be a better than the one that comes with the Raymarine set-up. I'm setting the b
  4. I just bought a boat that has laminate cruising sails (a slightly older product made by Ullman that was called "Cal cloth".) Boat came with two furling headsails that are in good condition but don't have any kind of UV protection. (Previous owner always took them down.) I'd like to be able to keep them up on the furler so am considering having a sacrificial strip of dacron sewn on for UV protection. I'll be cruising the boat, not racing. Question: Will sewing a UV strip on a laminate sail damage the sail or create significant weak points that could break later? I've had UV strip
  5. Thanks for all these helpful insights. Would love to have a below deck AP, but unfortunately my timeline for getting the boat ready for Mexico is too short for a more complicated install like that. It does seem like the C320 is a capable and good sailing boat, but I think instead I'm going to purchase a Cal 36 that I've been looking at instead. This particular one has been incredibly well cared for, refit and repowered in 2009, and outfitted for cruising, along with a good windvane self steer. It's not the boat I originally had in mind....older design, narrow hull, tiller steered etc.
  6. I'm wondering if anybody can share their experience sailing a Catalina 320 offshore or coastal in following seas in particular. I'm not trying to do any real bluewater sailing in a C320, but I'm wondering how she would hold up to coastal cruising down the coast of California (SF to Cabo), and how suitable she would be for solo Mexico cruising. When running before the wind and it pipes up (25+kts) and the seas start to build, will the wide beam carried aft, narrow fin keel etc make the C320 really squirrely in a following sea? Will a wheel-mounted autopilot be able to keep up if the s
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