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  1. Thanks to everyone for their replies, this is a great community and am already benefiting from joining! I had to pass on the Mk V just wasn’t as set up as advertised and the costs kept mounting before I’d even get it back in the water ~20k + yikes! Just didn’t make sense for what I’d be getting for it. I’m off tomorrow and headed to go see the 29 Mk II. I really appreciate all the information and will continue to check in here for any new insights. I’ve started leaning towards the 29 Mk II but there are also a number of 27 Mk III’s in the area that it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek at excep
  2. Hey Folks, I’m a bit stuck on making a decision surrounding the purchase of our first boat and there is a bit of time crunch if I want to make it happen for this season so I’m looking for your opinions. Initially my heart was set on the C&C 27 Mk V but there are a number of 29’s (and 27 Mk III’s) in the area and folks have been getting me to reconsider to avoid the transport costs telling me they don’t feel there is much difference between the two. I have a young family (2 kids under 3) and plan on spending a lot of time cruising but also plan on racing it around the club under white
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