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  1. So I need to amend my original post. The infringement was, indeed, for Rule 42. She was sculling, and I thought that was pretty clear but hadn't read that report until now. None-the-less, I'm glad this is opening up a discussion. World Sailing is about the last place I expect to see any substantive change originate. I'm, frankly, surprised that most of the responses to this post have been that things are fine; and yet, they are not fine. I see fouls happen all the time. Admittedly, I'm part of the problem because the protest process is too painful and, at a local level, I have little conf
  2. It's not a question of whence we came. The rulebook was a disaster in the '80s, too. It needs a hard look to see where it can be simplified and made more black-and-white. Ultimately, the purpose of the rules is to stop boats from hitting each other and/or somebody getting hurt. I'm in favor of more draconian rules in order to stop the constant pushing of limits. e.g. if two boats collide, someone is dsq; full stop. This is a strawman to me. I don't claim to have the answers, but until the community at large starts discussing this there won't be any change.
  3. Even at the highest level of sailing (the Olympics arguably), competitors don't know the rules. This is an indictment of both competitors and the rule writers. Yes, the rules are too complicated, but it's on the competitors to know how they work. This is a constant and ongoing problem, which acts as a barrier for new participants while driving active sailors from the sport. I was incredulous to see the Danish Radial (ILCA 6) sailor completely baffled by the outcome of what appeared to be her failed attempt to foul out her next closest competitor. In and of itself, this was a curious tacti
  4. Make Nevin Sayre head of US Sailing, and tell WS to go fuck themselves.
  5. If you feel strongly about it, file an appeal.
  6. The correct number of boats to own = n + 1 where "n" is the number of boats currently owned. Consequently, you really ought to be looking at 2 boats concurrently.
  7. Participating in sailboat racing is exciting. Watching it, not so much (from a lifelong racer of sailboats).
  8. Looks suspiciously like a Laser... errr ILCA.
  9. More facts would need to be established to truly know what transpired, but based on the information available: Both boats violated rule 14, avoiding contact. Windward did not "keep clear" of leeward. Leeward, based on their advanced angle of heel perhaps did not allow sufficient room and opportunity for windward to keep clear when leeward changed course. If these are the correct facts, leeward is penalized for not allowing windward room and opportunity to keep clear, and windward is exonerated from breach of rule 14 if no damage or injury occurred. Additional questions arise with respect to h
  10. There's no longer a "sail below your proper course" rule.
  11. It shrinks?... Like a frightened turtle!
  12. I was being ironic. Still, after playing this game for 50 odd years, I'm amazed at the complexity of the rules and "turd polishing" that goes on (see "tweaks"). If the rules are essentially meant to keep boat from colliding, say that without obfuscation. The entire rewrite conducted a couple of decades ago didn't simplify the game. The rules remain convoluted and difficult to interpret, even for the most seasoned racers. It is a shame because it drives people away from an already dying sport.
  13. With such pedestrian changes, how are the book writers supposed to make any money this go-round?
  14. A bit longer than your specification, but the Chance 30-30 was always a solid all-arounder in its day. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/chance-30-30-allied
  15. Unicorns are also delicious... Heisenberg probably not so much. Neither is necessarily an expert on the Racing Rules of Sailing, although the inherent uncertainty of location and velocity of many rules situations lends itself to Heisenberg
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