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  1. Mast raising and lowering doesn't get much easier than a G32. The boom is the gin pole, and the main sheet pulls the mast up.
  2. Sounds like a fun project Russ! There's a Supercat 20 tall rig that I was thinking about building a center hull for, but I figured the L7 sliding beams would be easier for a mere mortal to build. I like the updated version of the Sardine run trimaran with sliding beams.
  3. It would have been fun to be a part of a multihull gathering in NC. But I can't fault you for heading south.
  4. The Drama for us starts around 16 knots of boatspeed, and when the water ballast is needed to keep her on her feet.
  5. Where did you find those flat water boatspeeds? Do you know the TWS that goes along with those boatspeeds? I've been trying to figure out the fastest/most controllable sail/ballast combinations with John on Flipper this year. And getting an average 10.6 knots upwind with just a main and jib is impressive. Maybe the taller rig really does make a tangible difference. I wish there were more of these boats around, and more people were racing them. I have a feeling there's a great deal of untapped potential that would be easier to find if you had several of them racing against each
  6. Rumor has it this boat located in Michigan is for sale.
  7. How many years has it been mothballed?
  8. You sound like a one design racer! No such talk in one design.
  9. We are rebuilding the multi fleet at LNYC. We would love to have you participate if you would be up to fighting traffic again. I'm the multihull fleet captain; PM for details. Most of the folks here are new to cat racing and some new to racing in general, so seasoned folks willing to help newbies would be a great thing to have in order to get the fleet off the ground.
  10. That was snorting beer out of my nose funny.. Ok... I might blame them a little now..
  11. Kinda sounds like no one at your club likes you very much. I've read only one of your posts and at this point I can't say I blame them.
  12. I agree with you. The situation needs to be addressed, and I believe how it's addressed is important. Personally, I have no problem with the Dutch Uncle approach when it's directed at me - I grew up with Ducth Uncle sailing teachers - but I would be disappointed if that email was sent to a newbie. If I was the guy assigned the task to address the issues with RC mistakes; I would approach it as if I was Mr. Rogers instead of a Professional Wrestler talking trash. Why? Because I want people to come back. I want the fleets to grow, and I believe the best way to grow a fleet is to make EVERYONE
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