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  1. Rumor has it this boat located in Michigan is for sale.
  2. How many years has it been mothballed?
  3. You sound like a one design racer! No such talk in one design.
  4. We are rebuilding the multi fleet at LNYC. We would love to have you participate if you would be up to fighting traffic again. I'm the multihull fleet captain; PM for details. Most of the folks here are new to cat racing and some new to racing in general, so seasoned folks willing to help newbies would be a great thing to have in order to get the fleet off the ground.
  5. That was snorting beer out of my nose funny.. Ok... I might blame them a little now..
  6. Kinda sounds like no one at your club likes you very much. I've read only one of your posts and at this point I can't say I blame them.
  7. I agree with you. The situation needs to be addressed, and I believe how it's addressed is important. Personally, I have no problem with the Dutch Uncle approach when it's directed at me - I grew up with Ducth Uncle sailing teachers - but I would be disappointed if that email was sent to a newbie. If I was the guy assigned the task to address the issues with RC mistakes; I would approach it as if I was Mr. Rogers instead of a Professional Wrestler talking trash. Why? Because I want people to come back. I want the fleets to grow, and I believe the best way to grow a fleet is to make EVERYONE
  8. If I received that email, I might have mentioned it conversation to other club members, but wouldn't have shared it with anyone; and for me personally, an apology would have been more than adequate to mend fences. If C didn't apologize, and I felt like he stepped over a line (and again, I usually don't let things like this bother me, because I see no reason to allow someone else to control my feelings like that... sure I may have felt a tinge of frustration, but feelings like that come and go rather quickly for me) I would have mentioned to him in private my feelings regarding the email's tone
  9. Aren't most Commodores volunteers as well? Here we all are publicly chastising a volunteer for making a mistake. For me, the point is that if we want to grow the fleet numbers we should create an environment where it's ok for people to make mistakes and learn from them.
  10. This is a classic "Dutch Uncle" response to someone with room to improve. (I'm going to name my next boat "The Dutch Uncle" btw.) Yes, it's harsh, and from the perspective that he's working with volunteers - histrionic. It's not how one would go about growing the sport. However, I personally appreciate honesty. So, when someone goes all Dutch Uncle on me I focus on the content of the message instead of the tone. I've been racing for a while and even with all of my experience racing it's still pretty easy to make a mistake if I'm watching the carnage on the start line instead of worryi
  11. The MI based owner named the boat "Boom Chicka Bow Bow" because the boat has a boom, two bows and she's a chick. She designed the look herself and wow...
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