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  1. I believe Ollie has water ballast in the amas, but I don't know if that actually plays a role in the righting process.
  2. It occurred to me how similar the tunnel hulled scow Dominion is to the G32. In fact there's an article floating around concerning Dominion's rating, and how such a design shouldn't be allowed to compete against monohulls. The article is over 100 years old and it reflects the same conversations rating committees have today. Granted, I only spoke to Jan and Meade a couple of times, and the Dominion scow never came up in the conversation; so I don't know if this design directly influenced Jan when he was imagineering the G32.
  3. There's a G32 promotion video on you tube that shows the Gougeon trimaran self righting process.
  4. I'm thinking it'd be like going from the smallest B cup to a mid range D cup. Basically it's gonna take both hands per "hull" and there's two hulls so you're gonna need an extra 2 hands on deck - in a manner of speaking.
  5. Sometimes the only way to win the tug-of-war is to let go of the rope.
  6. Ryan, I'm looking forward to following your trip. Best wishes and Stay safe.
  7. Does anyone know where it ended up? This boat has an interesting history. When it was under construction imagined it transporting cargo for those avoiding more traditional shipment methods; and I would see the boat again in an article similar to the ones showcasing home built submarines captured by the US coast guard.
  8. I realize it's not exactly what you are looking for; I've heard of gybing daggerboards on a catamaran.
  9. Well, This took an interesting turn. I wish I could find that Dirkling post about the Elementary in the proa Congress race. I'm 99% certain I didn't imagine it. I don't think anyone called Rick a liar, but presenting another guy's opinion in your own posts is basically hearsay and borderline anecdotal. I think Steve's own response to Rob's criticism clearly illustrates who's trolling who.
  10. Who said anything about a low volume float and a Bruce foil?
  11. This looks interesting, although it's a bit heavier than I was thinking - and the ama is a bit smaller than 200% buoyancy - but this is about what I was looking for, minus the plumb bow..
  12. And this is the perfect race to play such a card... nothing has been outlawed yet Bring on the concave skinny hulled tacking outrigger. Dirt cheap rule beater..
  13. Dory hull, with a Malcom Tennant looking old school bow. Leeboards and T foils hung from the Vakas - just a stupidly over canvassed, water tight canoe. Even some of the old school Polynesian rigs tested very well in wind tunnels... and most of these rigs which are in use today literally use plastic tarps for sails and they are surprisingly fast. But a skinny concave hull is an interesting thought too.. The Greenough edge board idea for a canoe hull is fun to think about.
  14. "Through through" is a technical term I meant to say through the hull..
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