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  1. Yes @IStream, definitely a bit of a confused thread. Thanks for asking about particular use cases. Not needing any 'for hire' work for me right now. I guess I was just hoping to open a new thread beyond 'junk on the trunk' - because that is what I typically folks trying to do with both newer and BobP type designs. Original topic was supposed to be about solar installations that are easily maintainable by boat owners of 40-50 foot boats. Watching different people do different things, I think that maintainability over (say ~10yrs) is often undersold. In all honesty - I think it
  2. Actually, the side track item here appears to be only inland waters? No tradtional/internatiional jurisdiction. Correct?
  3. Hey @TwoLeggedPart of the conversation was the subtle point that the 'abcd'-'A' team were not, and are not, legitimate authorities to be harassing anybody in the first place. From there - we all should understand our rights, and with that also comes responsibilities. From a practical perspective, if I was out on the water and saw a vessel that looked like maybe they were in a bit over their head, and I was in a different kind of vessel that might be able to help if needed - I would probably do a hail on the VHF or scoot by and wave or look for a 'thumbs up' as a modest safety check. Jus
  4. Haha - yeah, it depends where you are and who you need to reach out to? I definitely was improper using VHF-16 when I reached out vs. just a quick cel phone call, which nowadays we have reliably all the way to Skagway AK. Meanwhile, the coast guard was quick, courteous, and and got me off channel very fast. Kudos to them for doing a good job.
  5. Correct. The proper course of action would have been to maintain course and say 'thanks for checking in, we appreciate your concern.' See you back on the dock.
  6. >> when a USCG-A private cuddy cabin powerboat showed up and demanded we drop our sails, we were operating in a manifestly dangerous manner and would be towed to safety. We reluctantly dropped the 'chute, hoisted the jib and hove to to engage in conversation. Hove to the cockpit drains no longer worked so we had to spend time bailing. I yelled leave us alone, we're fine, wearing life jackets, have all the required CG gear and you're putting us in danger by forcing us to stop in open water and have no authority to demand we be towed. After some more chit-chat I lost my cool and told t
  7. I have used boat insurance only once. Have never used real estate insurance. I have used business liability insurance. You mileage may vary depending what you want you are planning to do, and please be sure to be honest with your underwriter. Meanwhile - thanks for reminding me of an old/trivial story that others had amuzing commentary with and sorry for any x-posting rule violations.
  8. Diesel failure was related to the little yanmar fuel pump. Yes, it did take me a good hour to troubleshoot that while watching tides & rocks. And yes, the folks at Friday also had supply chain problems so I was trapped there for a while. Bonus of having a fuel pump on a newer Yanmar - 'yay, bleeding filter replacements just works for #1 and #2'. Downside - one more thing to break or look after.
  9. Got reminded off anohter thread about insurnance and such. To complete the story here, and my shame, I was moving from Roche Harbor in theory to somewhere near Anacortes or Bellingham. Right around Cattle Pass, with no jib and only a couple sketchy mainsails, the diesel decided to stop. I had about two hours with tides and other nautical nonsense to sort my stuff out. From there, I was definitely going north between the islands. By the time the tow boat showed up (yes, here in PNW USCG is kind enough to just refer us to locals) I was already through. By the time I was through it
  10. That works if you are on a budget where you have a crew that looks after the boat and all that :) I guess my original question was around how I see wildly different solar panel installations ranging from 'bungee cords on the the doger' to a little bit more, and then I see folks that are heading offshore and they have arch upon arch upon arch with the solar panels as high up and as far aft as possible to avoid the dreaded 'boom shadow tanking output'. In all honesty - original question was about what folks see other folks doing that 'sell this stuff' doing and their experiences. Ulti
  11. As we have another somewhat smokey the bear (forest fires) year up here in the PNW the solar panels need a little extra attention. I am curious how people manage this at the global cruising level, and whether it is common to put these kinds of things under consideration installations are done. Obviously offshore city/fire grime is less of an issue, but of course the layers and layers of salt that somehow show up and make all the stainless slippery must impact such things too. Having the ultimate surface of the panels slightly beveled so water naturally runs off (rather than havi
  12. Another interesting topic. Also, once more - the right tool for the job. Sometimes that 'job' means being readily available around the mast and in the cockpit, easily lost overboard, etc. A fixed blade in a sheath definitely works best? Reasoning: Go cheap here, they will disappear over time and there it is highly unlikely you will find time to maintain them along with the rest of the 'boat list'. CLP spring and fall, maybe a few years. At most you are looking at like $20. Another time is the regular old sailor pocket knife, with a marlin spike of course that goes out opposi
  13. Not sure if I have kept on things enough, but it still my understanding that the Mk 1 eyeball is still a requirement for colregs and basic safety at sea? I believe over on the land side, an officer might cite you for 'driving unsafe for conditions'? Radar, AIS, ChartPlotters off your cel phone - all great. Meanwhile still inadequate. Oh yeah - and listening for gongs
  14. They the Ruskie's are ahead of us with practical hard country vehicles, meanwhile probably Oshkosh is probably well equipped for evacuation in comparison to the recreational boating community? If you happen to be out boating and come across this then maybe time to head to higher ground?
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