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  1. I didn't cut the daggerboard and went with the intended version, mostly to see what would happen. Since I made it, it didn't matter if it needed to be cut down later or not. All the physics at play made it too interesting for me to have to understand what was 'exactly' at play especially for a week on the lake post-Covid shut down. Turns out the boat holds line way better than before and is quiet as silk till 5ish KN in the flat water. The boat starts to hum somewhere past that. It didn't do it like that before as I'm sure the crude slab of a centerboard wouldn't allow for it.
  2. Thank you. I get it now. I'll read more tonight before I cut to length.
  3. Thanks Major Tom This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. I need to rationalize all this as I'm not new to sailing, but somewhat new to the dynamics behind sailing. OK, lee helm is definitely not what I want when the wind picks up as this boat has no backstay to counteract on fly nor any vang (it's a shockingly simple boat from 70's). I seem to get flattened all the time if I"m not paying sharp attention to water in the punchy gusts. But when solo sailing I let out my main so I can go up to bow to clean up the spinnaker and the boat pleasantly smears sideways even if gusty. I suppos
  4. So the pin didn't work. I had to cut out. The Teflon side of pin was so damaged it wouldn't compress. It lasted another year so that was good, but it had to be done this spring. Sadly the center board was also damaged pretty much beyond repair, so I've decided to remake from cedar strips and Carbon Fibre, the sculptural parts are what I'm very good at. Any advice against making a daggerboard longer than what is original as I"ve scaled below based on original? The daggarboard was from internet on some hydrodynamic read on the new designs for AC racing. Seems appropriate. hah
  5. Awesome! Thanks. I honestly thought I was going to have to cut open the deck or cut out the centerboard. It makes sense to me that it be like a toilet roll, I was definitely having issues with the idea there wasn't some easy way to replace it. At least now making a new Centerboard will be that much easier. Cheers!
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