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  1. I guess i wouldn’t mind this one: https://www.mecum.com/lots/LV0121-474902/1938-vincent-hrd-series-a-twin
  2. OK, as a New Yorker my first inclination with brisket has been to make pastrami- with pretty good results recently. I brine the brisket with pickling spices, kosher salt, pink salt and garlic for 5-7 days. Soak in water for a day or so to desalinate a little, rub with a combination of cracked peppercorns and coriander, let sit for a day, then smoke (propane smoker in my case) at 225 degrees with cherry or apple chunks to an internal temp of 150 degrees. Then I steam it for around three hours until very tender. It's a long slog, but worth it.
  3. BTW, New York State already has a digital pass that can be applied for by those who have been vaccinated or have a recent negative COVID test. It's based on an app called Excelsior Pass, and the pass needs to be renewed every 30 days. I signed up, submitted my name, DOB, and initial vaccine date and the app verified my status and generated a pass, which can be displayed on an IOS or Android device, or printed with a QR code.
  4. Hmm- I can't find any references to breasts here at all: https://blazerforum.com/forum/
  5. Muffler bearings are probably shot too.
  6. I used Buddy Hitchcock in 2017- pretty thorough guy. His email was buddy.hms@sbcglobal.net.
  7. The Dead did a few legendary shows at the bandshell in Central Park. I was at the '68 show when they played with Jefferson Airplane and Butterfield, and at the '69 show with a bunch of folks I can't remember. Massive sound columns on either side of the bandshell, and refreshments thrown into the crowd from the stage- small round orange ones from a guy I assume in retrospect was Owsley. NYC was a great concert venue in those years- the Fillmore East had every big name band, and was only a subway ride away.
  8. In fairness, I was 14. School nights, so couldn't catch the late sets!
  9. Man- hard to pick! Hendrix and Cream at the Hunter College Auditorium (separate shows) in '68 stand out.
  10. My second Pfizer was a non-event. Sore arm for two days.
  11. There were certainly inboard 7.9s. I used to race on one called Mistress, hull number 4. Kicked divisional butt at Key West in '06. I think folks like the OB ones in light air, but we did pretty well in the light too.
  12. How hard could it be to trim the friggin' jib?
  13. Here’s Cha Cha. She won three Top Fuel championships.
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