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  1. Thanks Fisher! Yep, 21 it is. Ex-AWOL, now Nereid.
  2. Mid-20s. Yes, we’re flogging the reefed main a tad.
  3. A buddy of mine was swept into a crevasse on Mount Hood in 2002 when some folks descending above him fell. Six went into the crevasse, three died there. To top things off, the rescue helicopter crashed. My friend was injured but survived. He said that being down in the crevasse with several dead and injured climbers waiting for rescue was pretty grim.
  4. Man- one thing I’ve never heard of in NY is a pastrami and taco joint!
  5. I clamp mine most of the time too. With the Ulmia, flipping the saw around takes a couple of seconds, and it's just good practice to always have the cut draw the workpiece in towards the fence. YMMV...
  6. Completely different tooth style- the optional Ulmia blade is cut like a Japanese crosscut saw. https://www.pecktool.com/product/ulmia-352-miter-box-japanese-pull-blade/
  7. I'm using the Japanese style blade that cuts on the pull. With the saw in this orientation the teeth pull the workpiece toward the fence, which is desirable. I reverse it with the Western style blade. And i got the photo right-side up this time. It looks like the iPhone .HEIC picture file extension shows inverted on forum posts.
  8. Here’s my Ulmia 352. Got it at a yard sale for 30 bucks. I replaced the original blade with the Japanese style. Cuts really clean and accurately. You can still get them new, but pretty speedy. Makes beautiful miters though. https://www.pecktool.com/product/ulmia-352-miter-box-saw/ Don’t know why the pic is upside down
  9. I first read Naked Lunch when I was around 11 or 12 years old- found it on a friend’s parents’ bookshelf. I certainly missed some of the nuances, but got the gist. Certainly broadened the scope of my worldview! If nothing else, I got the reference when the band Steely Dan became popular.
  10. Kent_island-sailor, we just move the traveler car to one side when carrying stuff up and down. Also, the Harken windward sheeting car is pretty good for dealing with accidental gibes- the traveler locks automatically on the loaded side. We run a preventer on long downhill legs anyway. In fairness, we do a lot of day sailing and occasional racing, and playing the traveler upwind is kind of critical with just the two of us on the rail. When we cruise, it’s usually only for a week or so at a time, and pretty much coastal, hence our lack of canvas!
  11. DDW, the other option, assuming we want to actively play the traveler, would be further aft across the cockpit in front of the helm. Any further aft of that we run out of boom. For pure racing I would prefer the mid-cockpit location, and we race on several boats with this configuration. For a racer/cruiser, it makes a lot of the cockpit unusable for relaxing post-sail, and seriously restricts the potential size and layout of cockpit lockers. We are pretty used to the current setup, and getting around it to go below has become second nature.
  12. TwoLegged, my wife and I sail a Frers 33 with a bridge deck traveler, set up with a Harken windward sheeting car. We sail double-handed most of the time, with one of us driving and the other trimming. Although we are in a mostly light-air venue, we do get a couple of months a year of good breeze- the past few weekends we've seen mid 20s pretty consistently. We have no dodger, and other than when sailing well off the wind, we sit outboard on the side decks, out in the wind and spray. On the wind we play the traveler all the time, with the trimmer facing inboard, control line between the knees.
  13. Uh-oh, a bridge deck traveler.
  14. Umm- I believe she was born in 1933. I’m guessing you meant 89!
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