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  1. Volunteering for FD crew duty cap'n!
  2. I sailed the heck out of Mutineer single-handed when I was a kid. It's not the fastest thing, but man I had tons of fun with that boat! Even used to run with the spinnaker sometimes, and I went out many times when the wind was howling. That was the most fun for me. I don't remember if I ever capsized? Seems like I must have, but if so it wasn't a problem or I'd surely remember. I must have weighed 160ish at the time I guess? Anyway, can definitely recommend the Mutineer. Also, there were some Wayfarers on our lake that looked to be fairly similar in handling and we had some Rebels, whi
  3. I want to try to launch next week but realistically it will probably be the week after. We'll have to see if my gasket material arrives this week as it's supposed to and hopefully, I won't find too much missing when I stand the mast up for the first time. I probably should have done that mast thing a while back! Oh well, I'll get it all sorted out soon anyway. It's time!
  4. Nah, these gaskets are pretty hammered. They bear a close resemblance to giant white strips of cooked bacon, haha. Actually, if you zoom in on the picture you can see the gaskets still in place. They look sort of like um, lips... that might be seen on another kind of slot... LOL I'll have to check out that bike tube deal. You haven't got any pics by chance, have you? I did see one write-up where the guy used a single flap of gasket material the covered the front of the slot and was able to be pushed out when the board came all the way down. I had planned to do the same but the bike t
  5. Wow, I finally wrapped up my walk-in shower project and got back to the boat! Got her flipped over and took off the CB gasket, found that the replacement gasket that came with the boat was about 2" too short! DAMN! Alright, I got another gasket on order this morning. Need to grind off some old repairs and try to do them up right, get my new gasket on there and LAUNCH. No rerig or expensive stuff required, I just want to get her out for some fun =) And what in the hell is up with the pictures? I turned it around and around but when I put it on the forum it turns it sideways ev
  6. Not that I have any extra cash laying around at the moment, or space for another boat, but this looks interesting. Anyone know what it is? https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/boa/d/fort-worth-single-mast-sailboat-trailer/7087602819.html
  7. Hey now.. I've never been a partier but the older I get the more I see the error of my ways. I'll be happy just to chase the real sailors around the lake for a while and hope to pick up some party pointers from the champs afterward \0/
  8. Yep, I had thought of that! Seems like there was plenty of room in there when I took it out, and I guess being a gybing board it has to have a fair amount of room to flop around. I can sand it down here and there if need be, but I expect she'll still fit just fine with that extra little bit of paint.
  9. I'm still making progress over here! Maybe a little slow, but that's OK I guess. I got the board completely glassed as planned by doing the edges first and then the sides, so I have minimum 2 layers of glass with some of the overlaps building to 3 or 4 layers. I did have the one bridged over spot which I drilled and filled with a syringe. Worked perfectly so that void is no more. Here you can see where I drilled the glass but the bubble is history. After letting the epoxy cure up way longer than necessary I found some white paint. End up getting a free gallon of Polane from
  10. I'll do my damndest to throw my 505 into the mix!
  11. The video has a good shot of the sail at about the 2:00 mark. Sure looks like the pic on post #1... Very interesting little boat, I hadn't seen that one before. I like it!
  12. Well there we are! She came out a little starved right on the front flat face at the top, but overall looks very good. I'm not sure if I over-vacuumed it or if maybe that portion wasn't sealed as well as the rest and I actually pulled air out of the wood and through my layup. I won't worry too much about it I guess since it seems perfectly well stuck down and that's a heavy area that I don't think sees much abuse. On the opposite side of the shown transition, I got about a dime-sized area where the glass bridged over instead of pressing down to the board. Between those two issues, I'
  13. Well that was pretty hilarious.. I decided you guys were right, I'll just go ahead and lay up my glass and squeegee it out. Done and done, simple enough. Cut my glass cloth and laid it in place but it didn't really want to lay down. Figured it would lay better when I wetted it out. And it did, but just a little better and I needed it to be a lot better! It just wouldn't stick near the trailing edge where I had wrapped it around. Huh. So then suddenly I had VACUUM BAG EMERGENCY!! Grabbed all my bagging stuff (that I had never even assembled to know if it worked) and w
  14. Would definitely be interesting to see those broken boards!
  15. I've watched some videos and have even lent a hand ages ago. Also there was a trick our guys did that I haven't seen anyone else do. They would take a piece of bagging plastic and mark out the layup they wanted on that. Then they would wet out the layup on that and cover it with another layer of bag. Once that sandwich was together all nice and wet and fairly bubble free they would cut that shape out with ceramic bladed shears. Peel off the inner bag skin and stick the layup down. On to the next layer and so on. Seemed to be a fairly precise way to get the layups to exactly the size shap
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