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  1. I purchased this boat last season. I went through each fuse to make sure I could get at them. All them worked except one (cabin lights)s. The fuse carriers have a tab at the bottom that you are supposed to push in and down, then the carrier pops out. This one pops down but won't release out, nor will it go all the way back in. I'm not going to force it. I thought I'd send these photo's to see if anyone has any experience with this type of panel and fuse carrier. BTW, I plan on carefully putting dielectic grease on the metal connections and dry teflon on the plastic.
  2. I think I may have found the right guy. Someone to help with middle steps without charging, knowing he's going to get some larger work out of it if there is some. Saturday I'm going to undo the set screw and see what the condition of the shaft is once I pull it back. I'll take a bunch of photos and proceed in increments.
  3. The boat is out of the water. It has a spade rudder with a radial cable drive steering. I’ll have to figure out that process. This weekend I’ll loosen the shaft from the coupler pull it back and see what is in there.
  4. Well, it looks like I have some work to do. couple questions: 1) is it possible to back the shaft out, bore the dimple in the shaft deeper and reset the screw deeper? 2) do you have any good resources for dropping the rudder from a wheel controlled boat.
  5. I figured it would get attention if worded that way.
  6. I am working my way through the list of items that must be done while the boat is on the hard. Next item. Propeller shaft and stuffing box. When I first got it, there was a "singing" sound coming up the shaft at a specific band width of RPM. It was like the resonance you get when running a wet finger around the rim of a glass. Ultimately it disappeared, except under heavy load of people or a strong stern wave. There was also a good bit of water coming out of the stuffing box under power. It was just about one large drop coming out per second. Its dry at standstill. When I hauled it I
  7. Don't worry. I'll go sailing. Its on the hard until at least early May. I have plenty of time to fuss with it. I just want to understand it before the wrap goes around it. Regardless the cover for anchor locker is completely spongy. That will be a very easy exploration into fixing these things. I can take it off and I can attack it from the bottom.
  8. I appreciate all the responses. It will help me have a somewhat more intelligent conversation with the professional I'm meeting this weekend. Yes, it is perfectly possible this was cause by pressure on the toe rail, though I can't find cracking on the hull in the same places. If I can hear it crunching as I walk over it I can only imagine that it will get worse and worse over time. Particularly since its a major path to the foredeck and its where the chain plates are. I am being a little fussy over this (maybe too fussy) because I fully plan on selling this boat in 2 years to trade
  9. Boat is a 1979 Spirit 28. I don't know what core is, but its built by Glastron, so something makes me guess its plywood. The chain plates go to a flat tie rod to a knee glassed to the hull. I'm thinking that I'd have a yard do it. I already have enough projects this winter/spring. I don't want to have to try and figure out how to match grip texture and gelcoat colors. Anybody want to throw a dart at the cost so I am prepared to throw up.
  10. I walked across the deck and heard some cracking and was horrified to see these hairline cracks in the deck. Of course am jumping to the immediate conclusion that all the deck around the chainplates needs to come out, new wood put in and re-glassed. Anybody care to calm my concerns? Anybody have a "bigger than a breadbasket" estimate of cost? https://imgur.com/m9iIq3h
  11. Do you put the foam along the whole side of the boat or in key spots? Do you put it on or tell the shrink wrapper to do it.
  12. Thank you for responding. I'll try giving it several hours of reboot time. I have tried going on-line looking for an updated map package or software update and am not having much luck. When was the last time you got map and software updates? What have been others success with ipad based nav systems. My reading suggests its GPS isn't perfectly accurate. Same questions regarding weather as my first post.
  13. Our new to us boat came with a Garmin 192c. Its currently located in the cabin. This Garmin came out in 2005 and currently doesn't acquire satellites. We sail Lake Michigan on the west side of Michigan and we will mostly be harbor hopping up and down the coast. There will be some trips across the Lake to and from Wisconsin. On those trips and a few of the harbor hopping trips we will be outside of cellular range. Is there any reason I shouldn't just pull that Garmin out and use a GPS enabled Ipad? What do people use for weather reports when they don't have cellular service or m
  14. For better or worse its going to be shrink wrappping. Our plan for the moment is this is going to be the boat for the next 2 seasons. Getting our feet wet as it were. After that we want to be in the 32' -34' range. That can be the long term boat with a canvas top. Avoiding having the shrink wrap touching the deck makes sense. I'll make sure that doesn't happen. How can that be avoided around the hull. Also I'll go back to my original question. Has anyone seen a solar fan installed to help move air?
  15. Thanks. I'm having an access door installed. Also lots of vents. How about the solar fan. Anybody heard of that?
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