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  1. My favourite. Sailed on IMP for a couple of years back in the early 80s. Great, great boat.
  2. yes and kind of agree that with little or no steerage the impact will be limited. It does have some effect though from my experience. What's more helpful is reducing the load on the anchor using the drive from the engine. This can help reduce the snatch loads and should prevent dragging.
  3. I like it. None of the usual nonsense. Good one.
  4. Yawn. and moving on to other less annoying discussions…
  5. No cherry picking from me, just trying to see whether you have a valid argument or just a biased poster who skews data to suit your perspective. So are you going to take an equal stance against Oneweb, Amazon, the Chinese (they have plans to put 10k sats in low orbit) and not just SpaceX and their “shit sats”? Also maybe you don’t realise that the Starlink sats are very low orbit so even if (very few and their reliability is improving) fail and their deorbit kit also fails, they will deorbit due to atmospheric drag in 2 to 3 years at a max( and not your “at least 5 years”). High ea
  6. Wow. So astronomers now own the sky and nobody else is allowed to put anything else up there? Also your comments about it being space junk and shit sats really call into question if there is anything of value in your opinions at all. biased much?
  7. Agreed. Even if the other guys isn’t transmitting the chance are your ais target will show up for them. Won’t fix everything but with Ais, radar alarm , turn down the music and use your ears (surprising how far sound travels in fog) it reduces the chances of trouble. don’t know what it’s like in Maine but elsewhere I’ve seen many trawlers run without ais so not always guaranteed to see them.
  8. Yes but depends on the setup. I’ve used powered and single line furlers (a continuous line running in a loop so you don’t end up with a tonne of rope in the cockpit). Run it through low friction “blocks” , take the load off the sheet when furling and you do it all without a winch.
  9. Have the balls to "Play the ball and not the man". Argue the point without the snide remarks.
  10. Seriously? You've obviously don't cruise or do shorthanded passages much. Rule #1 is don't go on deck to reef/furl/unfurl if you don't have to. Having to truck forward to feed a luff rope into a foil or drag it down when it's sporty is just nuts for offshore sailing unless you are racing and have lots of bodies on board And I've done lots of that. Modern furlers can be very good especially when looked after and sail design has caught up so that when reefed they perform a lot better. Having a cutter/slutter right with a staysail on a furler means you don't sacrifice sail shape as th
  11. Oh that’s very good. Superb editing and maybe the music a little over the top but I won’t complain.
  12. Remind me to never, ever build a wooden boat. Great to look at , great feel but my sweet Jesus the amount of work, labour and sweat that goes into one is just crazy. i applaud him and the rest of the team for what they have done but plastic for me please.
  13. Na. Sounds like west cork, Ireland. Just a bit busier but with much better weather. Lobster pots are all part of the charm. Have to say this is a great thread. Giving me ideas for next year.
  14. Well they have them installed on their own boats for booster recovery and they do pitch and roll a lot. Will be interesting to see if they give feedback on how they are working. You could always add a stabilised mount for the antenna as with current marine installs.
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