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  1. My tow ball SS is 750 grames while Ti is over a pound (475 grames) Thas not even the weight of a can o beer. Bending stiffness pre and post fatigue with such weight is also pointless for pourposses.
  2. I dont think it much smaller than 1.5'' and the weight saving is pointless, asuming the Ti is forged and the SS cast shouldnt be more than 200-300 grames?
  3. The one I got is in SS and 2'' outer diameter, 20 quids...good enough. The titanium one from colligo the other fellas show was over 100 bucks plus shipping....
  4. Thanks a lot for such detailed report! This is one of the solutions I was thinking indeed The other one was to use a the trailer coupler foi r the tow ball, remove the handle and TIG weld a stainless steel plate which will fit in the mast base (oval shape) End of the day the coupler is done to support the max weight of the tow ball. I havent make the calculations though but considering my mast is heavier might need a 5'' base plus the 4 brackets for load spreading
  5. I was actually thinking to use the socket of the trailer as the female mold but not sure how to make the cast. If you are so kind to send few pics I would really appreciate it. many thanks
  6. Would be great if you can send me few shots of the pics taken from your smartphone. Im curious about the deep of the socket itself. Many thanks
  7. Got it. Hope would be able to post all results soon!
  8. Cheers!planning all forged stainless steel with TIG welding for the step.
  9. forgot to say would TIG welding of course.cheers!
  10. thanks for the hint, its now cristal clear! One last thing, does it make sense to fabricate this based on a trailer tow ball?stainless steel one, price is significatly lower than the original colligo marine the other fellow sent me the link ;-p
  11. What I can see from this video on 3'55'' is that there's also something like a cotter pin aft the ball on the mast step itself
  12. Thanks thats crystal clear for me. My doubts are regarding the socket in the mast should be sometrhing like this I guess: basically I female socket of those you sent me, right?
  13. it wasn't me, did read in someone post about the usage of plastic bearings instead...although I will follow the your advise!
  14. Thats awesome indeed although Im not sure whether make sense to me to invest in all the vacuum equipment for these 2 simple foils!
  15. Following the refit of my 26' trimaran Im now in the process of setting a new system for the mast step. I'd like to convert into a raising/lowering systrem and rotating. I have seen plenty of different systems but wonder which is the most functional. (Please forgive my ignorance about rotating mast as I mostly sail in monohulls and out of few sails on a hobbie years ago I'm not familiar with this). I've been checking on the one from the Seacart 26 And the one from the Cosair 760 Both seems to be pretty similar but I wonder whetehr would make sense to build up someth
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