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  1. For a keel job, Best to use alternating grey/white color coats with interprotect. That way you can see how much you have sanded through. Follow up with a final 2x coats grey, then sand to 600/1200grit & apply bottom paint.
  2. This line looks like crap. The sales add is not exactly a ringing endorsement either…I’d prefer the core not to “blow out”… Plain white, but the core is bright blue. If the core blows out, you will certainly know since the strands will then be visible. Unique plied fiber construction is different than any other 16 strand rope. 7,000 Lb. Avg break strength.
  3. Probably because its wrong all the time, instead of just wrong 50% of the time with B&G.
  4. Just carry a spare dyneema-core halyard, plus some dynema lashing. That’ll do double duty.
  5. LIS. He outed hi self by accident a few yrs ago.
  6. What sort of weird sailing culture do you have down there, where a crew member demands redress against the owners wishes?
  7. Where do you live that they have such shitty mechanics who won’t walk under the travel lift to drain the oil?
  8. If I get too frustrated with how the RC set the line, can I just chuck one of these onto their deck and watch the world burn? No? Then stick with the pyrotechnics.
  9. All B&G needed to do was update the 20/20 displays with a competitor to the Garmin GNX displays. Instead they made this over complicated project.
  10. Don’t you have a port / starboard incident to be appealing?
  11. I see. But can we agree there’s too many old Aussie “sailors” with vaginas full of sand? The chafing can’t be healthy.
  12. So what happened here? If I understand, Someone wasted everyone’s time by asking for redress, after the time limit, and the Protest comitee told them off for wasting their time. Then snowflake boat owner, rather than just scrape the sand out of his vagina and get some beers for the boys, he instead pitched a fit and complained to Australian Sailing. And so on and so forth… Harden the fuck up.
  13. Well. Sailing across the pacific gives you expertise in submarine operations, any day now the Navy will be calling for advice, don’t stray too far from your phone. I suggest watching Hunt for Red October, just think of the pearls of wisdom you can share with us then! Dumb twat hippie.
  14. Do you have any idea how large the Pacific is? And at what speed is hitting a submerged rock “ of little consequence”?
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