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  1. Well, since I am ahead... being proved right and all... One thing that really annoys me is how the ORR-EZ likes to talk about how corrected “spreads” are very close, as if that somehow validates the VPP. How fucking stupid is that? So a Melges 32 with all new sails, mostly pro crew, dry sailed, running Expedition and nailiing their start SHOULD correct close to Jim’s Beneteau 361, with all his cruising gear on board, bagged out sails, never dived, a blank look on the face when you say “polars”, and a full 3 minutes late to the start? If they’re correcting in ghe same hour t
  2. So you agree, ORR-EZ uses “simulated” offset files, not the actual offsets / 3d models? What is the validation for this approximation? If it were a box rule, then primary dimensions might make sense, but I (and others) skeptical are that the VPP is as accurate and valid as ORC using actual hull models.
  3. Except that ORR-EZ will use completely fake numbers, when it doesn’t have the actual offset files for the boat. So the rater basically takes another hull where you do have the offset, and then tweaks some constants, and declares it scientifically valid. oh yeah, and with no measurements of sails, foils, or weights... there’s a huge fudge factor across the fleet. It’s fine and good, but not clear that it’s any more scientific than PHRF.
  4. No offense but if an olympic medalist is only beating you by 12 sec, doesn’t this suggest that rating a multi vs a displacement boat doesn’t work well?
  5. About fucking time! Has anyone identified his sock yet?
  6. Seriously what is everyone bitching about anyway. Wash the sand out of your viginas.
  7. Could always try “Great Circle Sails”.
  8. It sucks so bad that I can’t even figure out how to log into my @jack_sparrow account to argue with @LB 15 (that’s right, I am actually wacko jackos sock / alter-ego.) (seriously though, when even Wacko Jacko has slowed down the posts there is something wrong.)
  9. Spanish flu isn’t over yet either, it’s circulated for the last 100 years. Except once enough of the population had some exposure it no longer killed them, they just got “the flu” every couple years or so. In states that have reopened or gone back to work, it’s basically run it’s course, as diseases do.
  10. Is it possible that could find myself in agreement with wacko jacko? You sir have earned the upvote!
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