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  1. Wikipedia states that as of Nov. 2019 C&L Boatworks and Velocity Boatworks are no longer in business. Can anyone confirm? The end of the CL line of fine boats?
  2. Thanks to all that have replied. I have tried direct email but not through facebook so that will be my next try. The spacers on my boats rudder mounts had totally rotted away, so I measured the distance between the mounting face and the transom as the mounting bolts were still intact. The top mount with the hole measured 1/2" and the bottom with the pin was 3/4". I made new mounts out of mahogany and reattached them . The rudder will now attach but is somewhat tight to go on. It appears that the distance of the top hole and lower pin should be a 1/4" further out on the bottom to be in perfect
  3. Just purchased a 1980 CL 16 # 1687 and am having a hell of a time trying to connect with cl boatworks. Tried their email for parts, nothing; phone is no longer in service so I tried calling Velocity and nothing from them. I spoke with a gentleman at a rigging and boat shop in Michigan and he seemed quite positive that they are out of business. Anyone know for sure? It will be a real shame if true. Thanks, Bill
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